The weekend is here...

Thursday, July 24, 2003
Well, this is how I have felt for about the past week - but yet another trip out of town this weekend and I won't be able to rest and get well!!! We're going up to East Texas for my niece's first baby shower. I am helping with two. This one and another one next weekend here in Houston. Yeah...I think this great-aunt had better get plenty of face time with our new little baby!!!!!

On another note...yestereday when I came home Michael got there shortly after me and when we opened the back door, this was the view!!!! I think that is the coolest thing to see when you step outside of your home!! I have seen ever more together at one time out there! Shortly afterwards more came around b/c we started feeding them. There are more pictures in my album.

While I was out there I thought I would take a view pictures of the plants that I have - they are actually doing very well!!! I am so pleased! I have never been one to have a green thumb, though my mother's house looks like the botanical gardens themselves!!!! So, I thought I would post a view and brag a little about how well they are doing!!! The second one has nearly tripled in size in just the few weeks I have had them!!!

Michael gave me this planter and the butterflies - there are more butterflies on the other side Don't you love the turtle planter?? This fern might be older than me
click on each for a larger view