This would be a good...Tell it Over a Miller Light

Wednesday, July 02, 2003
Being female, once a month I have a special little bag that I stick in my purse! (Female readers probably know what I am talking about and the males that don't - ask your girlfriend/wife/mother/sister, whatever!) So this week I am carrying my little zippy pouch from Harrods with me that I bought during a layover in London on our way to Spain (2002 Vacation w/ Elaine, Kenny, and CJ)!! Now, since I do at least keep them in a pouch I don't make a big deal about hiding the pouch...and since I don't make a big deal about hiding it, I had it laying on top of my desk when my unsuspecting coworker came in to chit chat!!!

So, dear Bob comes into my office, sees my pretty pouch, and picks it up. I notice, but didn't say anything at first...then, like a child trying to guess their Christmas present before ripping off the wrapping paper, he starts squeezing and feeling trying to decide what I had secured in my little zippy pouch from Harrods!!! I could have let him continue to guess and then open it up to discover my hidden treasures, but not being able to pull good gags on people and not wanting to embarrass him too badly, I decided to simply tell him that he might not want to open it!!!!!! Needless to say he got it and turned three shades of red before putting it carefully back on my desk and turning and walking out!!!!

Ha Ha...guys are so funny when they get embarrassed!!!!