Wednesday, July 09, 2003

This is my second attempt at coming to work today...

It was supposed to go like to the fitness center, work out, get dressed, get breakfast, come into my office and tell you how disappointed I was that I didn't have my backup battery for my camera last night at the ball game b/c I left it at my sister's and that I would have had wonderful shots b/c we were on the lowest level right behind first base!!!! How sad I was when I realized the battery in my camera was run down...

But here's what really happened...starting at about 4:00 AM this morning - I had a bad nightmare that woke me up only to fall asleep and continue with another nightmare then I was awakened yet another time b/c I had a charlie horse in my calf. So I finally manage to go back to sleep after all this, wake up, brush my teeth, put on my gym clothes grab my bag and off to the gym I go! WooHoo...the day is getting off! WRONG! Today I planned to do arms in the gym so I needed my gloves from my locker...I walk into the locker room, put down my bag, turn to open my locker and realized that I had left my clothes for work hanging on the closet door!!!!!! UGH!! So, after about 60 seconds of griping I'm out the door again heading home to get dressed. I make it into work by 8:00, I now have some breakfast (cottage cheese and pineapple) and I am hoping that the irritation ends with this morning's endeavors!!!!

Back to my original vent, though - we really did have a great time at the game last night despite the fact that I couldn't take any pictures. We had great seats behind first base, but Michael's brothers and their friends were sitting a couple sections over near the foul pole so we moved to sit with them. A foul ball was caught just two rows behind us!!!! And several home run balls were caught just to our right!! From now on I have decided that is where I want to sit when I go to the ball games!! We came home and saw it on SportsCenter!! Y'know it's a good thing that I like sports b/c I think otherwise Michael and I would have a lot of problems!!!! :)

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