A real post...as promised!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003
I learned something new this morning about my dog. Lately I have been trying to take him out to potty without using the leash and he has been doing really well. He listens and doesn't go too far and comes back when I call him - unless there is another dog around. Well, this morning, there was a little female out and when I went to get Chinook they were sniffing all over one another. I apologized to the dog's owner and we started talking. I got Chinook b/c my best friend's mother breeds Bichons and Pomeranians and Chinook was a result of an accident between the two. This lady's dog was a bichon and I told her that Chinook was part bichon - I have always known that Chinook thought he was a little badass...he is always acting like he is the size of a german shepherd or something!!! Normally he is only that way with other male dogs. After telling her how he acts around other male dogs, she told me that all bichons were that way. That females didn't get along with other females and that males didn't get along with other males...they only get on well with dogs of the opposite sex. Looking back, I can only think of ONE male dog that Chinook can tolerate and they aren't the best of friends!!!! I have been taking him with me to Michael's house every time I got these days, too. Michael has two male dogs and I am trying to get them used to one another...but it isn't going too well. After hearing this fact about bichons this morning, I am a bit afraid that it may never get any better. That isn't going to be good!! Chinook has a wonderful temperament and personality until you put another male dog in the mix...and then he tries to act ten feet tall and bulletproof. It nearly got him seriously hurt once...but we managed to separate him and my sister's brittany spaniel. Chinook still has a couple little places on his back that have little scabs on them. So...that is something I am going to have to work on b/c these dogs are going to have to get along with one another...I couldn't ask Michael to give up his dogs anymore than I would want to give up mine. I guess I'll have to look into a bit more and see if there is a way to make them get along. All suggestions are welcome!!!!!!