Ready for the weekend...and the next...and the next???

Thursday, July 17, 2003
It's Friday...what do we have planned for this weekend? Well, the same thing we're going to do next weekend - going to East Texas. This weekend we're going up to a friend's camp - they ride ATVs and dirt bikes through about 50 miles of trails out there. I haven't been since July 4th, 2002 - so I am really looking forward to going back! It's a lot of fun and I'll be sure to get plenty of pictures! The next weekend we're going back up to East Texas, but we won't be playing in the woods! My niece's first baby shower is going to be up there, and though I had said I was only helping out with the one here, I am going up there to help out with that one, too. I think Michael is going to see if his brother's are interested in going up there, too - they can fish while I'm showering!!! The weekend after that? Well, that is my niece's other shower, the one I had originally planned on helping out with! And the weekened after? Yep, there are plans then, too. My friend is going to a bachelorette party that Friday and has asked me to take care of her son that night. He is 13 months old - well, he'll be almost 14 months then - and I have never kept him over night. I told Michael he had to help me out...that it would be good practice!!!! Actually, I am kinda looking forward to it...and then the next day we're going to Hempstead to the Hunting Extravaganza. Apparently that is an annual thing for Michael and his brothers!!

You know I get very jealous of his relationship with his siblings sometimes! I mean, I have four brothers and sisters, but the youngest of the four is fifteen years older than me. I don't have a lot in common with them and don't pal around with them they way Michael does with his brothers. All my siblings are married and have their own children to worry about. If we go out with anyone these days it is his brothers - which I really don't mind b/c I like them a lot! They are both younger, one by four years and the other by eight. I am thankful that Michael is so close to his family. That's important to me. They have become closer and more comfortable with me, too. I can tell they trust me b/c they have started coming to me with questions about relationships and other life issues. I think that's pretty cool. It's almost like I have a couple of younger brothers now! The middle one is more likely to want to go to clubs and such and he has his buddies to do that with b/c Michael and I aren't really into that much anymore. We start getting sleepy around 11:00!! His youngest brother is more like Michael - he prefers to hunt and fish and just chill out. He isn't into going out and partying or anything like that. And he is shy, just like Michael. Their idea of a perfect weekend would be going up to the country and fishing all weekend - which is basically what Michael does when he goes to East Texas with me, that's why he has been wanting to get his brothers to go up there with us and I think next weekend they will be! I don't think we'll fish any this weekend. There is a small lake where we're going, but last time we just swam in it - no fishing! It's going to be too hot to stand out there and fish anyway. At least when we're on the four-wheelers there will be wind to help cool us a bit!!!!

Well, it's eight and a half hours until I can get out of here for the weekend, so I had better get started so that this day will go by quickly!!!

Have a great Friday...and a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!