Friday, July 25, 2003

One Hour to Go

I put a couple of new pictures up at Deviant Art this morning. I haven't updated my pages there in a while...really b/c I haven't taken anything that I thought was good enough to be put in there. Last week, though, I took several macros around the office and decided that I would put two of them in DA after all. I was originally just playing around with the camera. All of the pictures from the office are in here, but I've posted the two for DA below.

Murano Glass Paperweight Egyptian Perfume Bottles

I really like the one of the perfume bottles. They are some that I brought back with me from Egypt last time that I keep on the window in my office. The rain that day made a pretty good background. The other is a paperweight made of murano glass. I had wanted to start a good collection of it, but murano glass (or milefiori) is pretty expensive!! I only have a couple pieces, including some great earrings (that I got complimented on last week as a matter of fact ) that were a gift from Elaine!!!

Well, it's four o'clock...not much longer now and I am outta here for the weekend. I am going to make Michael drive and put his brother up in the front seat with I can sack out in the back for a change! Although, if I do that, I know that means both of them will probably be asleep while I drive back home when the weekend is over!

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