In the office after the layoffs...

Thursday, July 31, 2003
The consulting firm that our company worked with during the layoffs recommended that the layoffs not be done on a Friday. Apparently, people have more of a feeling of hopelessness if they are laid off on a Friday b/c they have to wait through the weekend before they can do anything about it. I guess that makes sense, but people are probably going to need a couple days to adjust anyway, right? Personally, I did not want to come back into the office today b/c I was afraid the mood was going to be like it was yesterday. Very mournful, but in fact it seems to be business as usual. We are finding out today more of the people that we knew who were let go...and they are even falsehoods in that due to rumors that were started! Today I found out that one of the auditor was gone and I was very down about this b/c he was a great person to work with from that group. You know, when I was studying accounting I wanted to be an auditor. I love to do research - but I have found that most people don't like when you find one that is awesome to work with, it is hard to hear that they are no longer around...then about ten minutes later we get another phone call saying he is still here!!! Yay!! Happy for him and for me!!! I know that sounds selfish, but some people are just very, VERY, difficult to work with and this man is a great liaison for our group and auditing!

Subject Change:
Driving in this morning I was thinking about the last minute things I have to do for the baby shower tomorrow - and that led to thinking about what a procrastinator I am!!! I am...really I'm terrible. The sad thing is that I recognize this and don't do anything about it. I have become very good at working under pressure b/c of this, though. I have turned out some of my best work cramming it all into the last few days, hours, minutes!!!! I recognize this as being one of my biggest faults, for lack of a better word!!!! In high school mother would get onto about doing my homework and my retort would be, "Have you ever known me NOT to get something turned in???" And she does this even today...gets onto me about things I need to get done. All through HS and college, not once did I ever shirk an assignment...they always made it into the professor on time!!!! I may not have finished it until that morning in some cases, but it was done and more times than not received good marks! I was an A student through HS, with an occasional B here b/c I would rather spend more time on things other than homework - and in college I stayed in the B range, again b/c I didn't spend enough time on it (another fault I'll admit)!!!

Now at work I find that I am the same way. I have a lot of deadlines at the end of each month...and I have progressed a bit on getting them done earlier each month. I'll finish all reports, input vouchers that need to be in by a certain date/time days in advance, but I never actually transfer them until the day of. My reason for that is actually a valid one - just in case we have a last minute change I'll be able to delete the current voucher, make changes, and re-input the correct one. But it's still a procrastination!!!! I am getting better at doing more up front research and just taking my time in putting it all together. But hey, that's a step in the right direction, don't you think!?!?!?

Well, speaking of procrastinating, I need to get to work...