Hump Day

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Okay...I think IT must have been doing something yesterday...I came in yesterday and my personal folders in outlook had been renamed and moved!!!! ACK!!! I was worried at first, but after I figured out what all happened, I just figured they had moved them, but at least they were still there. Well, I changed the name back to what I originally had it and went on with my business. Today, they are back in their rightful spot with the correct name!!! parents came over last night to have dinner with me and Michael. I cooked chicken fried steaks w/ gravy and rice and brocoli with cheese. Mother brought over some homemade rolls that someone at church had given her...they were delicious!!! Yeah, I had a carb-packed dinner!!! It sure was good, though!!! I balance it out...if I over-do it one day, then I am sure to be good for several days to follow! This keeps me from burning out. I haven't really lost any more weight, but I haven't gained any of it back either! I am ready to go for another two weeks straight in the induction phase again, though. That is kind of like a jump start and how I lost the first eleven pounds in the beginning!!! People around me on a daily basis didn't notice as much as people I haven't seen in a while, though! When I was in East Texas this weekend one of my girlfriends asked me, "So, tell me how you lost all that weight!!" I was gleeming needless to say - that made me feel really good and gave me a boost to get back on the induction phase for a couple of weeks!!!

Man, the clouds are really moving out there today!!! The sky is bright blue with huge puffy white clouds everywhere...but then off to the other side the clouds aren't white...they look like a white puppy that has been playing outside in the dirt!! At least it isn't pouring out, though. I know we need the rain when it's so hot, but seeing grey skies day after day and driving through the rain got so depressing after a while!!

I think today I am going to the scrapbooking store and pick up a few stickers during lunch...and then maybe to Target to pick up some things I need for the baby shower this weekend!

Well, gotta get some more work done first, though!!