Monday, July 14, 2003
Well, Houston Weather has taken a turn...I wish you could see the view outside of my window. I have stated before that it was pretty cool to be up this high to watch the weather from Houston, but today all I see are clouds in all shades of gray and black whirling over head. Driving in this morning I went through sporatic rain. Now it looks very calm down below, but seeing the clouds moving in I know that's just the calm before the storm!!! I can't see downtown today, but I can see lights in that direction. I am sitting with my lights off in order to see out the window b/c it is getting darker out there! I saw patches of blue this morning, but in just fifteen minutes there is no trace of blue sky out there! I love to watch this weather...trouble is, I'd rather sit and watch it change than be working.

So, I had better turn the lights back on and get to work already!