Monday, July 28, 2003


I have such a wonderful boyfriend! I was cooking dinner at his house last night and he called to say that he wasn't going to be there when I arrived...that he had to run to the store with his brother. So, when I arrive I find the first of several notes taped on the door that sent me on a scavenger hunt around the complex, ultimately leading me back to his apartment to find candles and roses and scrapbooking paraphenalia (I have recently started scrapbooking) laid out for me!!! I was so thrilled and it was really a lot of fun!! He was hiding in the apartment the entire time!! And all just to tell me how much he loved me...

So, today I have my roses sitting out on my desk to show-off and am telling anyone who asks what a wonderful boyfriend I have!!!

I love you Michael!

P.S. Afterwards I cooked a wonderful dinner btw...beef tips and rice that just melted in your mouth! He deserved a good dinner after all that planning!!!

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