Another weekend passed...

Sunday, July 27, 2003
I am sure you've seen it all over today, but I am going to post it anyway. Bob Hope is dead at 100. I always loved to watch him...growing up he was one of dad's favorites and having only one television he ended up being one of my favorites, too!

We had a good weekend. Friday night we didn't leave Houston until late...I went home and got everything packed and expected Michael and his brother to be there no later than 6 or even 6:30 - waiting on them I nearly fell asleep! Around 7:30 I finally called and found they were at Randall's still getting things for the trip. I couldn't believe...I didn't believe it. I went outside to make sure they weren't sitting there laughing at me for falling for their joke!!! Not only were they serious, but b/c they hadn't got everything ready, they asked me to run to Wal-Mart to pick up some worms for fishing...this also took a bit of convincing to believe!!!!! But I left and bought the worms and made it back to my house before them! So, what time did we really get out of Houston???? Oh, around 8:45!!!!! Ugh! Boys!!!!

So, we finally get on the road, stopping once to get something to eat and fill up for gas - we made it to East Texas a little after 11:00 and went straight to the lake where we fished until around 2:00 am! I didn't fish long b/c I was so tired and kept getting hung up in all the rocks. So, I sat and played with the dog and even fell asleep sitting there at one point!!! The next morning we went out to my sister's house for a while and fished at her pond. Then headed back to my grannie's for lunch when mother made it to town. After that the boys were on their own b/c I had to get ready for the baby shower! The Shower was a success and she got a lot of great things! We made it back to my grannie's around 5:30 after stopping over at my aunt and uncle's for a while. Michael and his brother had just arrived as well. They had been back down to the lake and apparently had caught a lot of fish, though, they threw them all back. Michael, mother, and I then took a quick trip to the neighbors to cut some okra!! We were all pretty tired by that point and were planning to go out that night with friends. They crashed for over an hour and I chilled with mother and grannie and a couple of friends/family that stopped in to visit.

About 8:00 I woke them up to get ready and we met up with a couple of my friends and left for Nacogdoches to visit one of our old stomping grounds! It wasn't very crowded b/c it is the summer and a lot of the college kids were gone - plus, Thursday is their busy night unless there is a concert or something going on. After a while it picked up a bit and we did have a good time! We even ran into someone that went to High School with Michael's brother!!!! Small world!

We didn't make it back home until pretty late and I had to it was a rough ride trying to stay awake. Michael tried to help, but he was having trouble staying awake himself!! I guess we're just getting old or something b/c by 10:00 I am usually ready to go to bed!!!

Sunday morning the three of us ended up sleeping in while mother and grannie went to church. Around 11:00 I fixed them some breakfast and mother was home around 12:30. Grannie had decided to have lunch out with friends - so we waited on her to come back with my aunt and uncle before heading back to Houston! We finally left around 3:00, stopping once to check out some Elk on my cousin's land (pictures to upload) and once more to grab lunch! Since I drove up there and home Saturday night, Michael drove back to Houston and I was so thankful!!! Steven crashed in the back seat most of the way, I dozed some and read some!

All in all we had a really good weekend!!! This coming weekend already has plans, too. The KILT Summer Concert Series is going on at the horse track right now so we have been going out there a lot. They feature a lot of our favorites - Texas Country singers!! This Friday, one of my personal favorites is coming!!! I have been looking forward to this! I prefer the old country to the new stuff and even to some of the Texas Country singers!! So far we have been out there every other Friday since the concerts started...and even then we leave early! Michael's brothers stay until the end and we alwasy seem to be heading out around 11:00!!!! They give us a hard time, but I just get too sleepy too early these days! We're on the go so much that I don't feel like I get any rest!

Then Saturday is Hailey's second baby shower here in Houston that I am helping with!! Afterwards there is a chance for another roadtrip. This one hasn't been set in stone and though I am sure it would be a lot of fun, I wouldn't mind if we didn't make it!!! B/c the following weekend I know we're driving out to Hempstead to the spend the day...that would be four Saturdays in a row that we were out of town if we head out there this Saturday! That's a lot!!

Well, I think I have recapped pretty thoroughly and even given future facts!!! So, I had better get off the internet and get to work!!!!!

I hope you had a great weekend, too!