Thursday, July 31, 2003

And then there were 3,400...

Well, it has started...or hopefully ended. My company can no longer distinguish itself from all the other big companies by saying it has never had a layoff, b/c today about 400 of our employees lost their jobs. Several right here in my department. It's sad b/c I know that the wife of one of my co-workers that lost his job is at freshman orientation this very moment with their daughter getting her ready for the fall semester. It's a relief, b/c now I don't have to wonder what is going to happen anymore - it has happened and I know that our division didn't get hit. If I ever had to get laid off, though, now would be the time...before I have a mortgage and kids that are depending on me financially (as well as emotionally). I should whisper that in case they are still looking for a few more to let go.

In about twenty minutes we're supposed to meet with the "higher ups" to be informed more formally about what all is going on. We met within our divisions earlier, but this will be our department as a whole. If it weren't for that I think I would have to sneak out of here...since about lunch time I have been fighting a terrible headache that doesn't seem to want to go away. I think it was brought on by the stress around here today. People are just moping all over the place. (It could just be another headache, though.) Then out of nowhere we hear the sounds of partying coming from an office down the hall - after a little investigating we find that another girl here in the office is pregnant!!!! See, the world doesn't come to a stop...

Well, our meeting is over now...and I think my position is safe for today. Tomorrow is another question, though, but I am not going to stress over for reasons already stated. I am going to come in tomorrow, do my eight, and then start my weekend. I'm pumped about seeing Don Williams and anxious about getting Saturday's Baby Shower over with and then relaxing Saturday night (if we don't have to go to Schulenberg) and all day Sunday.

So, I hope your day was a better one than we have had around here.

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