Vacation Update

Monday, June 02, 2003 promised, here is my update for last week!!! Friday and Saturday were spent working since I moved into my new apartment. Friday night my parents came over to help me out and we finished boxing up everything and then took two loads (one excursion-full and one jeep-full) to the new apartment! This was the first time my parents or Michael had seen the inside of the apartment! This early moved really helped a lot b/c on Saturday morning when the movers arrived there were only the big things left for them to move and by noon they were completely done...just about two hours worth!! Then the real tasks of unpacking began!! My parents came back over to help us out - though we had the majority of it done already! By eleven o'clock that night we had everything done, including another trip back to the old apartment to clean up and turn in my keys!! Michael and I even went and bought me two book shelves that I desperately needed (but didn't have room for in the old place!).

Sunday was the first of the three graduations we had to attend. It was for my nephew. After graduation we had a party back at my sister's house for him...there are pictures, but like I've said I haven't had time to get them up yet! I promise I will and will post links to them!!! We had a good time with everyone, but since we had an early start Monday morning we didn't stay too what did we do? We went home and talked to Michael's brother and ended up going to the 11:30 showing of Bruce Almighty, so we didn't even get out of there until one o'clock in the morning!!! Needless to say, Monday we didn't get off as early as we wanted to! But we still made pretty good time and got into San Antonio around 12:30, plenty of time to spend the rest of the day on the riverwalk!! We went to Ripley's and the Wax Museum (always a must in San Antonio) and spent the rest of the evening on the riverwalk where we ended up seeing Mark Cuban and Steve Nash!! (No, we didn't get their autographs b/c we were on one of those river boats when we saw them...)

Tuesday we finished up at the riverwalk and went to the market for a while and then drove out to San Marcos to the outlet mall for a while. Didn't really find too much that I couldn't live without, though, but Michael found a few things! We were really exhausted, though, so we drove back to New Braunfels and ended up sleeping for a while and then having a picnic in front of the tv to watch Dallas and San Antonio play!!! Wednesday morning we were up early and were the first ones on the river!!! We floated for just under four hours, had a bite to eat in New Braunfels and were back on the road to Houston! By five o'clock we were on the beltway and almost home!! By 6:30 we were cooking hamburgers with Michael's brothers and fishing!!!!

Thursday we were able to get our cars taken care of. We spent all day at my parents b/c my car and Michael's car were both in the shop being serviced. Then that night his brothers played one another's teams in basketball so we went to watch them battle it out then called it a night b/c on Friday morning we were again on the road this time to Broaddus (where I grew up) to watch my niece graduate. This was the second of the three graduations! We fished Friday morning then that night went to the graduation and then to my brother's house to visit for a while. Saturday morning we got up to fish again, but I stayed in the house most of the time with my mother, sister, and niece b/c I was so burned I couldn't stand to be in the sun too long. Michael, though, fished all morning and caught 19 fish! He was thrilled!!! We drove back to Houston b/c their friends were throwing a party for his little brother's graduation (3rd graduation), which was Sunday - so we were at his mother's house that morning around 10:30 and went to graduation at one o'clock for his little brother - then back to his parents' house for their graduation party!

Whew!!! Lots of driving and lots of visiting during this past week, but I really did have a wonderful time and was so glad that the entire time wasn't spent out of Houston.

Well, there you have week in 1,000 words or less!! And now it is back to work - have deadlines that won't go away just b/c I did!!!