Sun, Rain, Sand...

Thursday, June 05, 2003
There appears to be a bit of dampness outside this afternoon! I was beginning to think that little storm we had was just a tease, but it does appear that we are going to get some more rain! Although I know we need the rain, I hope it isn't wet on Saturday b/c this sounds interesting!!!

I look like a lizard...last week while on vacation I suffered a pretty severe burn. YES, I did to use sunblock! Just not enough I guess or something. It was the first sun I have really received for the year and it hit me hard. My shoulders had water blisters on them and now they are peeling terribly! It is so awful - and it would have been a pretty tan, too!! Bye Bye tan I have been putting all kinds of burn therapy on it, too...and per the suggestion of a coworker, Cocoa Butter Cream! Michael has been saying I smell like Peanut Butter! I don't know what it reminds me of, but personally, I kinda like the way the cream smells! Everywhere else doesn't appear to be going to peel, but my shoulders are, that's for sure! It doesn't help any that my bra straps continually rub it during the day either!

Well, it is getting close to the end of the day and I need to finish up a few things so that I can get out of here!!