Not enough sleep...

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Last night the plan was NOT to stay too late at my parents' house and then go home and chill an watch the was Michael's plan. Then guess who wanted to stay and play dominoes with my brother...Michael. We played a few games, but I prefer 42 (another dominoe game) and Michael wanted to learn, so we started playing that and he was was 10:30 before we left!!!! I am so tired this morning. I woke up with an extreme headache. Breakfast and a srong cup of java later and it's still here. And on top of that, today is Bring Your Kids to Work Day. Usually I like this day b/c I love kids and we get to participate in a lot of the activities, too...but it's harder to enjoy with a terrible headache and a lot of work to do!!

Oh...and FYI, our IT has blocked ALL gaming sites now!!! When I was searching for a link for 42 I thought I would browse around and see if there was some place to play online - I found several BLOCKED SITES and all Yahoo!Games are now blocked as well! I can get into the site, but beyond the home page is blocked!!! Oh well, I prefer to get out of the office during lunch anyway!