Hmph!!! Well, I really just wanted to sit in my office and be by myself anyway!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
Email: Do you have any lunch plans?
Me: No, not really...what do you have in mind?
Email: (after a long delay) Sorry, looks like I have to...

Why ask someone to lunch to change plans two seconds later!!!

I really did bring my lunch today, but I am so easily persuaded when it comes to getting out of the office!!! As far as I'm concerned that is my time to get away from my desk...I hate doing errands during lunch b/c that feels like I'm still doing work...and when I bring my lunch I'm still stuck here at this desk - I guess I could eat it downstairs - so my preference is to go out somewhere. I have a good lunch today, but it could make a good dinner, too. Last night we grilled pork chops w/ this great marinade my sister told me how to make. It's equal parts of Olive Oil, Honey, and Mustard! Mmm Mmm, it was so good!!! Well, there was some leftover so I brought that...but if we just cooked some more veggies or something tonight I could add the leftovers and have dinner ready! Dunno what I'm gonna do!!

Michael and I came to a decision yesterday. In the past our weeks have followed a very regimented least three days of the week anyway. Tuesday was softball, Wednesdays we went to my parents' for dinner and my sisters came over with their families, and Thursdays we had dinner at his parents' and watched his brothers play basketball. Ugh...that's three days in the middle of the week. I was beginning to feel like I was never at home - except to sleep or change clothes!!! I wanted to be able to spend time at home to cook, clean, rearrange, work on projects or just sit down and veg in front of a movie if I wanted to. I thought it was going to be a bigger deal to get out of, but Michael was VERY receptive to the idea. So, I think what we are going to do is just alternate weeks and go one week to see my parents and the next to see his...and eventually I'm hoping it won't even be that scheduled, but for now I'm thrilled!!! Tuesdays are still for softball, but that's fine. I don't have any problems with that at all!!! I like to watch them play!

So last night we went grocery shopping (something else we really didn't have time for) and rented a couple of movies. We watched one last night and tonight we're going to watch the other one. Michael really isn't that much of a movie buff...we've only been to the theater together twice...but he'll sit down every once in a while and watch one! When it comes to the television if Michael has the remote we're watching ESPN!!! It's a good thing that I like sports otherwise we would be fighting over the remote all the time!!!!

Well, it looks like I might be staying in for lunch today after all...they have some broccoli cheese soup downstairs that sounded really good...then I can save the lunch I brought to add to our dinner tonight!!!!