Monday, June 23, 2003

Announcements and updates!!!!

Well, I have joined another online community! I am still feeling my way around, but quickly learning the ropes! Elaine introduced me to DeviantART (as she has to several communities). I don't really know how to describe it b/c it involves many, MANY, different forms of art. There is photography and digital art - which are the areas I'll be submitting - and there is also poetry and paintings, drawings, illustrations, etc...all kinds. So, take a second to browse around, hit my gallery and let me know what you think so far!! I still have my complete album although it looks a little different now b/c I have modified the format somewhat! I'll just use DA for pictures that aren't just everyday shots!

Well, I didn't give a weekend recap, so let me try to go through that real quick!!! Friday night Michael and I went to the casino for a few hours. Michael did pretty well and I think I broke even. It was fun, though. Saturday Michael spent all day at the softball park for a tournament. He wasn't planning on playing, but I had to sit home all that morning waiting on the Dish Network techs to come so he decided to play. They had a really good lineup for this tournament, too - and ended up winning first place in their division. Michael was also named MVP!!! Congrats baby!!!! I waited at home until noon and then it ended up the guys didn't have the equipment they needed to install my dish, so it was a wasted morning for me! Afterwards I did some shopping and ran some errands and then went to my sister's house where everyone was for dinner! I hung out with them for a while before heading home!! The tournament ended up lasting until midnight - at least Michael's division did, I don't know if there were other games after that one! Sunday I spent the day at Michael's. I went over there around noon and we had lunch and then did some shopping...then we spent the rest of the evening at his place getting ready for a garage sale at his grandmother's on Saturday. Unpacking his storage boxes, pricing things, and repacking!!! This coming Friday we'll take it all to his grandmother's to set up for an early start on Saturday. I won't be able to be there that morning - I'll be sitting at home again waiting on the Dish Network guys. Ugh!!! My mother might come over that morning, though, to help me put out some at least I'll be able to get something done!!!

Last night Kenny and Elaine came over and we went out to dinner...we closed down the restaurant talking!!!! It was a lot of fun - thanks for coming out guys!!!! (I also got to play a little bit with Elaine's new toy - oh, I have camera envy!!!!

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