On The Move Again...

Monday, May 05, 2003
Well, I have been here in Houston for four years now and I have moved at least one time for each of those years I have been here. I started at my parents' for the first year and a half, then moved to the Galleria area for a year, then back to my parents' for about nine months, then out to The Woodlands (where I am presently) for about nine months...now I am once again moving! I am only moving about ten miles from where I am currently living. I found an apartment that is bigger, has a garage, comes with W/D (so I am moving my set to Michael's), is bigger, has a beautiful community, costs about what my rent is going up to at my old apartment b/c they're giving me a good deal, oh and did I mention, it's bigger!!! So, when's the big day you ask!?!? Well, that has been tossed around a bit, too! First it was the 25th, but that's my nephew's graduation and then I'm going to be out on vacation the rest of that week. Then it was the 12th b/c all the weekends were full so we were going to move in stages, now we have found a Friday and Saturday with nothing planned so I'm getting the keys on the 22nd!! Whew! I am not a fan of moving, but I do it so often you would think it's a hobby or something!!

About a year ago I was looking to buy out this way, but decided that I didn't really know how I felt about living in The Woodlands, so I opted to rent instead. I am glad I did. I really don't mind The Woodlands, but it isn't where I want to call home. After I have kids those feelings might change, but for now I only had my apartment out here b/c it was convenient. My new apartment is also closer to Michael and that is definitely a big plus b/c we have been burning up the roads traveling back and forth between the two apartments. I think we're going to move my W/D out to his place this Saturday. At least that will be a major part of the "Big Stuff" out ahead of the rest. Then the only two real big things will be my couch and my dresser. I have big furniture and it is so cramped in my apartment now. I will be glad to have a bigger space just for my couch if nothing else!!!

So what has the schedule so full for this month that we couldn't find time to move??? There is a Pat Green concert in the works, a crawfish boil, a softball tournament, a trip to East Texas for my church homecoming, and three graduations to attend, plus our vacation is during the last week of May...yeah, I guess you could agree that May is a busy month!!!!