How Many Times Have You Said This...

Monday, May 19, 2003
OKay, it's official!!! I CANNOT drink alcohol anymore... :(

I have "quit" drinking throughout my life for different reasons - diets mainly, but headaches are another factor that plays into whether or not I drink. If I am on medication for my migraines, something I take everyday, then there is no way I can drink. These days I am not on any daily medication for them, but I have all but quit drinking b/c of the Atkins diet. About a month ago I went out with Michael and his two brothers and I drank beer all night. The next day I was feeling none too good...ugh! I got up, but not for long...I went back to bed for two hours before I was able to function, but I still felt like crap for most of the day.

Last night we had Mexican food...and I was in the mood for a margarita. I drank my first one and Michael ordered us another round. I couldn't finish the second one. After a couple sips I knew that I had too much. It has been so long since I drank that my tolerance is way down. I used to sit there and drink them all night long, but Michael had to finish my second one for me. I felt fine last night, but went to bed early and got over eight hours sleep last night, where I usually only get about six. So, this morning I have a headache for both those reasons - too much sleep always makes my head hurt the next day. Isn't that strange?? So, in the future a glass of wine, or scotch, or something else that I can sip on may be the limit to my alcoholic intake! My headaches have been a lot better lately, but I have been careful, too.

I didn't get any packing done yesterday so tonight I have to get on the ball. Tomorrow when we go to my parents' for dinner I am going to bring my dad's excursion home with me and leave him my truck. I am going to move my hanging clothes only on Thursday b/c I don't want to put them into boxes and I don't think the movers will move them if I don't box them up. If that is all I have to move myself that's wonderful!! I can put two clothes rods in dad's excursion so I should be able to get a good majority of them in one move and what I don't get moved on Thursday I can move on Friday night. That way on Saturday everything else will be either furniture or boxes for the movers to take care of. I have to get most of the work done on Saturday once everything is moved b/c Sunday is my nephew's HS graduation and his party. I really got lucky this year with graduations - I have three to go to and they are all on different days. One is out of town, so it's especially good how they are spaced b/c I'll be able to make the trip without worrying about missing another one!!!