Holiday Ahead

Friday, May 23, 2003
Well, the weekend is finally here...actually, the WEEK is finally here!!! Tonight and tomorrow there is a lot of work to do b/c I'm moving this weekend, but next week I am on vacation!!! WooHoo!! Sunday is my nephew's graduation and his party, then Monday bright and early we're going to spend a couple of days in San Antonio and then ride the river in New Braunsfels - then it's back to Houston for a little vegging before heading to Broaddus for my niece's graduation, then back to Houston for Michael's little brother's graduation! (So, if there aren't a lot of posts during that time, you'll understand.) May has been a pretty busy month!

My parents came over last night and helped me finish up the rest of the packing - tonight we're going to move the light stuff and hanging clothes and then leave the rest for the movers on Saturday. This morning in the gym I was joking about this being my fourth move in the four years that I have lived in Houston - one of the other girls chimed in and stated that she had moved that many times in only the past two years!!!! This time, though, I am not asking for help from any of my friends. I wouldn't impose yet another move on anyone! I am going to have a party once everything gets settled, though - have everyone out to grill and make margaritas!!! My last two apartments just didn't have the room. This one is all opened up and the patio opens up to a big open areas that we can grill! I'm excited, but I am ready for it to be done already!

Oh...I just saw an wreck almost happen on the freeway down below. There is something blowing around in one of the lanes and people are having to swerve around to miss it - and one car didn't look next to them and almost swerved into a big truck. Would not have been pretty. We have seen a lot of wrecks on the freeway from up here...most of them on the entrance ramp actually. One day (and I think I wrote about this one before) we say fourteen wreckers for a two car accident!!!!

I'll have to look in my archives for that post.