Friday night...

Friday, May 02, 2003
I met up with everyone for pool last night. I haven't been out in a while and you could definitely tell by my game!!! I think I only won one and that was b/c Spencer scratched!! I had planned to go to dinner with everyone, but I found out that some friends came into town unexpectedly that night and were only going to be in town for that one I went back and forth for a while. I ended up going downtown to eat at Wasabi with everyone from pool - "the group"!! We had a great time through dinner, which lasted about two hours. The service was very slow, but oh so worth it!!! Sushi is still my favorite, but I am starting the Atkins Diet and won't be able to eat sushi like before...I'll still be able to eat sashimi b/c it doesn't have rice. So, knowing that I enjoyed my meal even more b/c it would be a while before I had it again! I enjoyed the good company and the good conversation very much.

After dinner half the group went to Market Square Grill - a favorite since as long as I can remember!!! The other half (about four of the girls I think) headed out on the town to bar hop a bit! I ended up driving back to The Woodlands. I was going to try to catch up with my friends before they left, but I was pretty tired by that time and ended up going home. I called to make my excuses and they were disappointed, but understood. Michael and his brothers had been fishing out close to my house so they all slept at my house. When I came in I found one on the computer, one already passed out on the couch bed, and Michael was just finishing brushing his teeth! My apartment is really big until it gets full of people!!!! I like having company, though. That one reason I would love to get into a house with at least two extra bedrooms so that I could invite more friends from out of town to come visit and stay with me. That is also why I bought a couch with a sleeper, b/c I knew that I would be in a one bedroom and would need a place for guests to sleep!

It was a good night and I was glad to go out with everyone had been a while! I also was able to catch up on a little bit of gossip that I had missed!! Hee Hee :)