D'artagnan was a she????

Monday, May 05, 2003
We had a good weekend! After I finished posting Saturday morning about the night before, Michael and his brothers came in hungry so I cooked some breakfast for everyone. They surfed for a while before his brothers had to go home and get dressed for the Crawfish festival. After a while Michael and I left for his house to take out his dogs and get ready ourselves. His brothers were meeting us at four to come back to Spring. The deal was if we made it in before five o'clock it was free, afterwards it was $10...we made it at 5:06 and yep, we had to pay up!!! So, we headed in and quickly found a vendor to purchase a crawfish platter from. It was pretty good...not as spicy as I like it, but the boys were sweating b/c it was so hot to them (Light-weights!!). We stayed in for a couple hours then went out to my truck to drink some free beer (we had our cooler) - or rather for the boys to drink beer. I am proud of myself. I was very strict to the Atkins diet that I am starting!!! So we played football, listened to the music, people watched, and waited for another friend to join us. We did walk through the street vendors a couple of times, too!

Then it was time for the concerts to begin so we headed back in and watched Dub Miller and Roger Creager. Later a couple of female friends of Michael's brother joined us as well. Michael and I decided to call it a night before 11:00 - guess we're getting older, too Pamela!!!! Sunday we had plans to go to Michael's Aunt's house to celebrate his cousins first communion. So I got to meet more of the family and what I thought was just going to be a small family gathering was a BIG family gathering!!! We had a good time, though, and again I was very strict and passed on the bread, potatoes, and pasta salads that all looked quite tasty!!!!

When Michael and I grocery shop now we shop for things we can split between his kitchen and mine. Since I am on this diet now there are quite a few things I can't eat so halfway through our shopping on Sunday Michael announced he was just going to do this with me. He doesn't need to at all...he can eat anything he wants and it doesn't show, but I thought the gesture was incredibly sweet!!! I am sure he won't stick to it like I am, but if he is just doing to when he is with me it will be a big help!! We still bought him lots of things that I can't eat, but I don't want to deprive him of the food that he likes and a lot of it he can take to work for lunch, too.

This weekend we might be heading out of town again...at least for one night. We just found out today that Pat Green is going to be in Nacogdoches at Jitterbugs...one of my old college hangouts!! So, I think we're going to get in touch with my friends in East Texas and see who all is up for going to the concert. His brothers are going to be with us, too...we're a foursome now!! Like the Three Musketeers and D'artagnan, only in this case D'artagnan is a female!!!