Another Weekend Passed

Monday, May 19, 2003
Excuse me for the update delay! When I came home yesterday I started packing and didn't even turn on the computer.

I had a nice weekend. Friday immediately after work I went to my parents' house and picked up my mother and we headed to East Texas to my aunt's house. We had to stop there to pick up my Grannie - she doesn't stay alone when there is bad weather. Really it wasn't bad, it was quite beautiful. We watched an electrical storm for the last hour and a half of our drive!! We didn't make it to my aunt's until about 9:30 b/c we didn't get out away from my parents' for about an hour. So, we sat and visited for a while until my cousin also drove in from Brazoria county with two of her girlfriends...then we headed to my Grannie's house to get some sleep!

Saturday morning my sister and her daughter (who is pregnant) came over to Grannie's for a while and then we all went back to my aunt's to visit with the rest of the family. After dinner we decided to go for a drive down to the lake. There is a beautiful place for sale close to where I grew up that I would love to have! The road getting there could be better, but it is so worth it once to see the view!!!

Sunday we got up and went to church for the homecoming (100 years) - my Grannie's grandfather was the founder of our church so she is the eldest charter member there. She is going to be 89 this year!!!! After services (which included a reenactment of the start of the church) we had a lunch and then singing and hearing from former pastors. We were only supposed to be there until 1:00, but if you know anything about Baptist Pastors, you know they are long winded!! We were there until 4:00!!! Now, not all of that time was listening to the preachers - there was a lot of singing, including my uncle and cousin who sounded wonderful! Everyone in my family (just about) is musical - but me!!!

After we finally left I changed and visited for about an hour and then hit the road. I wanted to get home in time to get a big of packing done. I emptied all the bottom cabinets in my kitchen and bathroom - tonight I want to do the top cabinets in the kitchen and take things off the wall.

Also came home to find out that Michael's team won their tournament (and a lot of free stuff) and are now qualified to play in a tournament in Austin with all expenses paid!! Congratulations guys!!!