Friday, May 23, 2003

Gonna be MIA...

for about a week!!!! Computers are being disconnected and moved tonight and I don't have a connection set up yet at the new place...anyway, I wouldn't be able to get online. There is too much work to do...moving and then we're headed out of town!!!!

So take care everyone and I'll catch up when we return!!!!

Holiday Ahead

Well, the weekend is finally here...actually, the WEEK is finally here!!! Tonight and tomorrow there is a lot of work to do b/c I'm moving this weekend, but next week I am on vacation!!! WooHoo!! Sunday is my nephew's graduation and his party, then Monday bright and early we're going to spend a couple of days in San Antonio and then ride the river in New Braunsfels - then it's back to Houston for a little vegging before heading to Broaddus for my niece's graduation, then back to Houston for Michael's little brother's graduation! (So, if there aren't a lot of posts during that time, you'll understand.) May has been a pretty busy month!

My parents came over last night and helped me finish up the rest of the packing - tonight we're going to move the light stuff and hanging clothes and then leave the rest for the movers on Saturday. This morning in the gym I was joking about this being my fourth move in the four years that I have lived in Houston - one of the other girls chimed in and stated that she had moved that many times in only the past two years!!!! This time, though, I am not asking for help from any of my friends. I wouldn't impose yet another move on anyone! I am going to have a party once everything gets settled, though - have everyone out to grill and make margaritas!!! My last two apartments just didn't have the room. This one is all opened up and the patio opens up to a big open areas that we can grill! I'm excited, but I am ready for it to be done already!

Oh...I just saw an wreck almost happen on the freeway down below. There is something blowing around in one of the lanes and people are having to swerve around to miss it - and one car didn't look next to them and almost swerved into a big truck. Would not have been pretty. We have seen a lot of wrecks on the freeway from up here...most of them on the entrance ramp actually. One day (and I think I wrote about this one before) we say fourteen wreckers for a two car accident!!!!

I'll have to look in my archives for that post.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Here's a new one...

Well, I changed it is the original!!! I couldn't get the .bmp to upload for some reason - maybe I'll be able to tomorrow and you can see it!!! This is also one of the pictures that I took at the arboretum in Dallas.

I really have a lot of work to do...honest!! It's EOM and I'm going to be on vacation all next week, so there is plenty of work to keep my busy...I'm just sneaking in some play-time, too!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I changed it again...

Okay, this is the original picture, but here is what it looks like on my desktop:

Maybe this one won't give anyone vertigo!!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

This or That

...because it smells delicious!
1. Large or small family? Large
2. Potato chips or pretzels? Neither right now b/c I'm doing the Atkins diet, but my preference would probably be potato chips! (BTW, I've lost ten pounds so far!!!! WooHoo!)
3. House or apartment? I'm in an apartment, but can't wait to get into a house!
4. Zebras or giraffes? Giraffes - I love the color!
5. Candles or potpourri? Candles
6. Flowers or trees? Flowers
7. Right or left-handed? Right
8. Model trains or dolls/stuffed animals? Dolls and stuffed animals. I had a HUGE collection growing up that I kept in a hammock in the corner of my room!
9. Comedy or drama? Comedy
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: The city of Boston has recently banned smoking in all restaurants and bars. Would you want to see such a law passed in your city/town/country, or not? Yes, b/c smoke changes the way your food tastes...if people want to smoke outside that is fine, but no matter how good the ventilation system is you can still taste the cigarette when the smoke comes your way!

Monday, May 19, 2003

How Many Times Have You Said This...

OKay, it's official!!! I CANNOT drink alcohol anymore... :(

I have "quit" drinking throughout my life for different reasons - diets mainly, but headaches are another factor that plays into whether or not I drink. If I am on medication for my migraines, something I take everyday, then there is no way I can drink. These days I am not on any daily medication for them, but I have all but quit drinking b/c of the Atkins diet. About a month ago I went out with Michael and his two brothers and I drank beer all night. The next day I was feeling none too good...ugh! I got up, but not for long...I went back to bed for two hours before I was able to function, but I still felt like crap for most of the day.

Last night we had Mexican food...and I was in the mood for a margarita. I drank my first one and Michael ordered us another round. I couldn't finish the second one. After a couple sips I knew that I had too much. It has been so long since I drank that my tolerance is way down. I used to sit there and drink them all night long, but Michael had to finish my second one for me. I felt fine last night, but went to bed early and got over eight hours sleep last night, where I usually only get about six. So, this morning I have a headache for both those reasons - too much sleep always makes my head hurt the next day. Isn't that strange?? So, in the future a glass of wine, or scotch, or something else that I can sip on may be the limit to my alcoholic intake! My headaches have been a lot better lately, but I have been careful, too.

I didn't get any packing done yesterday so tonight I have to get on the ball. Tomorrow when we go to my parents' for dinner I am going to bring my dad's excursion home with me and leave him my truck. I am going to move my hanging clothes only on Thursday b/c I don't want to put them into boxes and I don't think the movers will move them if I don't box them up. If that is all I have to move myself that's wonderful!! I can put two clothes rods in dad's excursion so I should be able to get a good majority of them in one move and what I don't get moved on Thursday I can move on Friday night. That way on Saturday everything else will be either furniture or boxes for the movers to take care of. I have to get most of the work done on Saturday once everything is moved b/c Sunday is my nephew's HS graduation and his party. I really got lucky this year with graduations - I have three to go to and they are all on different days. One is out of town, so it's especially good how they are spaced b/c I'll be able to make the trip without worrying about missing another one!!!

Another Weekend Passed

Excuse me for the update delay! When I came home yesterday I started packing and didn't even turn on the computer.

I had a nice weekend. Friday immediately after work I went to my parents' house and picked up my mother and we headed to East Texas to my aunt's house. We had to stop there to pick up my Grannie - she doesn't stay alone when there is bad weather. Really it wasn't bad, it was quite beautiful. We watched an electrical storm for the last hour and a half of our drive!! We didn't make it to my aunt's until about 9:30 b/c we didn't get out away from my parents' for about an hour. So, we sat and visited for a while until my cousin also drove in from Brazoria county with two of her girlfriends...then we headed to my Grannie's house to get some sleep!

Saturday morning my sister and her daughter (who is pregnant) came over to Grannie's for a while and then we all went back to my aunt's to visit with the rest of the family. After dinner we decided to go for a drive down to the lake. There is a beautiful place for sale close to where I grew up that I would love to have! The road getting there could be better, but it is so worth it once to see the view!!!

Sunday we got up and went to church for the homecoming (100 years) - my Grannie's grandfather was the founder of our church so she is the eldest charter member there. She is going to be 89 this year!!!! After services (which included a reenactment of the start of the church) we had a lunch and then singing and hearing from former pastors. We were only supposed to be there until 1:00, but if you know anything about Baptist Pastors, you know they are long winded!! We were there until 4:00!!! Now, not all of that time was listening to the preachers - there was a lot of singing, including my uncle and cousin who sounded wonderful! Everyone in my family (just about) is musical - but me!!!

After we finally left I changed and visited for about an hour and then hit the road. I wanted to get home in time to get a big of packing done. I emptied all the bottom cabinets in my kitchen and bathroom - tonight I want to do the top cabinets in the kitchen and take things off the wall.

Also came home to find out that Michael's team won their tournament (and a lot of free stuff) and are now qualified to play in a tournament in Austin with all expenses paid!! Congratulations guys!!!

Friday, May 16, 2003

Friday Five

1. What drinking water do you prefer -- tap, bottle, purifier, etc.? Bottled

2. What are your favourite flavor of chips? I like Sun Chips a lot, but I don't really know that they are my favorite.

3. Of all the things you can cook, what dish do you like the most? I cook a good roast and I make pretty good beef stroganoff, too.

4. How do you have your eggs? Anyway...I love eggs!

5. Who was the last person who cooked you a meal? How did it turn out? Michael - he cooked stuffed bell peppers and they were delicious!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003


OKay, I have done everything I am supposed to do, but everytime I try to "Claim" my blog on blogshares I get BLOG NOT FOUND!!!! Is this spider ignoring my blog or something???? Help!!!


Wednesday mornings are our weekly staff meetings - we take turns brining breakfast, socialize for a bit, give our weekly updates, plan out what the next week holds, go over out of office time, and conference in Lafayette and Amelia. This morning we were informed that Lafayette would no longer be a part of our meetings. Hmmm...this raised a few eyebrows. Our manager explained that there were some differences of opinion and to get to the point our manager was, in no direct manner, referred to as despotic. Now I like to think that I have a pretty good vocabulary, but when I hear a word I don't know I am very quick to speak up and ask for the definition! Which I promptly did b/c I had never heard this word before...and if there is anyone else who is ignorant of its definition I have provided its definition below for you - and even its synonyms!!!!

des·pot n.
1. A ruler with absolute power.
2. A person who wields power oppressively; a tyrant.
a. A Byzantine emperor or prince.
b. An Eastern Orthodox bishop or patriarch.

adj 1: belonging to or having the characteristics of a despot
2: ruled by or characteristic of a despot; "moved from a feudal to a despotic order"; "his administration was arrogant and despotic"
3: characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule; having absolute sovereignty; "an authoritarian regime"; "autocratic government"; "despotic rulers"; "a dictatorial rule that lasted for the duration of the war"; "a tyrannical government"


So, what was the result of our manager being referred to in this manner? Well, it was quickly, and very delicately, disguised as a remark about our weekly summary instead of being directed to our manager. Very political of her (the supervisor who chose to make this remark) I thought!!!! Doens't really bother me, though, b/c our meetings run much more effecient if we don't have to listen to her ramble on and on about matters that would be handled better outside of the division meetings.

I could get on a soap box about all this and it wouldn't make a bit of sense to anyone not directly involved so I am going to stop there - I just wanted to share my new-found vocabulary word!!! Maybe I should add a new word every day!!!

Catch up & This or That

I know that I have been neglecting my blog lately...but things have been so busy. And this week is no different. This week I am getting ready for my move - packing a little bit every night the few hours I have awake at home. I am so tired lately that I don't stay up too late these days! Last night I got about five boxes packed. Mainly books and such, though. I have to get packing paper so that I can pack the fragile things. I can't do any packing this weekend b/c Friday right after work I am heading to my mother's to pick her up and we are going to East Texas. May is such a busy month!! I won't be back in town until Sunday...she might stay an extra day and ride back with my dad, though.

So, here is my meme for today!

Another Potpourri Edition*

1. Packrat or minimalist? A little of both actually, although Michael would say total packrat!
2. Computer: desktop or laptop? Desktop at work, laptop at home.
3. Seashore or mountains? Hmmm, this is tough, I like both - but I think I enjoy the relaxation that comes with the seashore.
4. Carpeting or bare floors? I have carpet, but prefer tile or wood floors.
5. Drinking water: bottled or tap? Bottled.
6. Shopping websites: eBay or Amazon? I shop at both...and have a wishlist at Amazon (see "SPOIL ME" under my Links!).
7. Cute little kitties or big scary tigers? Tigers.
8. Front door or back door? Back door.
9. Lots of jewelry, or little/none? Always my college and trinity rings and then I usually add a necklace, earrings, and often a bracelet.
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: At the last minute, you obtain tickets to an event you're dying to attend. However, you have to work that day! Do you ask the boss for the time off, or just call in sick? I have a pretty cool boss, so I think I would probably ask him for the time off, but if I were out of vacation time I might have to play sick; although, I have never done that - I don't know for sure that I would have the nerve!!

Elevator Etiquette

My office is on the 28th floor, so needless to say, I spend a lot of time on elevators!! Now it is bad enough that when it is time to leave I get on at 28 and more often than not have to stop on each and every floor on the way down...AND during lunch. What really bugs me is when people see that the elevator is full, but insist on getting on anyway b/c they don't want to wait for the next one. But the ultimate irritation is when I get on an elevator, push the button, patiently await the doors closing, and then I see a hand or foot or sometimes a whole body jump in between the closing doors to open them back up again. People, wait your turn. That's just rude - it reminds me of when you see someone flag a taxi (of course not here in Houston) and someone jumps in front of them. I am already enroute when the doors begin to close, as far as I am concerned, so don't stop me b/c you are impatient!! Ugh, the nerve...

And while we're on the subject of etiquette, let's move things to the WC. If there are available stalls, don't sit in the one right next to me. Use a buffer...skip at least one stall before going in to do your business. After all I get in the one by the wall (even though it has a defected lock) so that I know that at least one side of me is protected from someone sitting next to me!!!

Monday, May 12, 2003


Well, I decided to change my wallpaper again!! This is another picture from my visit to the arboretum that I thought was pretty cool!!

This is the original picture!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2003


The last time I was in Dallas we spent a day at the Dallas Arboretum and tood some great shots of the flowers!! They were really beautiful. This shot was one of my favorites and I thought I would use it as my wallpaper! What do ya think!?!?

This or That

The Media Edition
1. TV or radio? Radio in the morning, TV in the evening
2. On the radio: talk or music station? Talk radio most of the time, but some afternoons it is music.
3. Actual books or books-on-tape (or e-books)? Actual books...I have only tried tape once. I might could give it another shot.
4. Actual newspaper, or web version? Web version
5. Wall Street Journal or National Enquirer? Neither
6. TV channel such as CNN, or your local broadcast news? Local broadcast
7. A movie you've been looking forward to seeing gets bad reviews all around. See it anyway, or pass? Pass...wait for the DVD
8. See movies when they first come out, or wait a few weeks for the lines at the theater to get shorter? Depends on how badly I want to see it
9. TV: cable, satellite dish, or just plain old antenna? Cable
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: If you had to choose only one form of media to come into your home, which would you choose...print (newspapers, magazines) or electronic (TV, internet)? Why? Television, b/c if I am home alone it's a good distraction!!!!


I haven't done one of these in a while and thought this one was pretty cool!!!

You see the would in Red, Green, and Blue
To you, the world is logical. Everything happens
for a reason, life is scientific. You like to
find solutions. I doubt you needed to take this
quiz in order to realize this.

What color do you see the world in?
brought to you by Quizilla

(found at Pamela's)

Monday, May 05, 2003

On The Move Again...

Well, I have been here in Houston for four years now and I have moved at least one time for each of those years I have been here. I started at my parents' for the first year and a half, then moved to the Galleria area for a year, then back to my parents' for about nine months, then out to The Woodlands (where I am presently) for about nine I am once again moving! I am only moving about ten miles from where I am currently living. I found an apartment that is bigger, has a garage, comes with W/D (so I am moving my set to Michael's), is bigger, has a beautiful community, costs about what my rent is going up to at my old apartment b/c they're giving me a good deal, oh and did I mention, it's bigger!!! So, when's the big day you ask!?!? Well, that has been tossed around a bit, too! First it was the 25th, but that's my nephew's graduation and then I'm going to be out on vacation the rest of that week. Then it was the 12th b/c all the weekends were full so we were going to move in stages, now we have found a Friday and Saturday with nothing planned so I'm getting the keys on the 22nd!! Whew! I am not a fan of moving, but I do it so often you would think it's a hobby or something!!

About a year ago I was looking to buy out this way, but decided that I didn't really know how I felt about living in The Woodlands, so I opted to rent instead. I am glad I did. I really don't mind The Woodlands, but it isn't where I want to call home. After I have kids those feelings might change, but for now I only had my apartment out here b/c it was convenient. My new apartment is also closer to Michael and that is definitely a big plus b/c we have been burning up the roads traveling back and forth between the two apartments. I think we're going to move my W/D out to his place this Saturday. At least that will be a major part of the "Big Stuff" out ahead of the rest. Then the only two real big things will be my couch and my dresser. I have big furniture and it is so cramped in my apartment now. I will be glad to have a bigger space just for my couch if nothing else!!!

So what has the schedule so full for this month that we couldn't find time to move??? There is a Pat Green concert in the works, a crawfish boil, a softball tournament, a trip to East Texas for my church homecoming, and three graduations to attend, plus our vacation is during the last week of May...yeah, I guess you could agree that May is a busy month!!!!

D'artagnan was a she????

We had a good weekend! After I finished posting Saturday morning about the night before, Michael and his brothers came in hungry so I cooked some breakfast for everyone. They surfed for a while before his brothers had to go home and get dressed for the Crawfish festival. After a while Michael and I left for his house to take out his dogs and get ready ourselves. His brothers were meeting us at four to come back to Spring. The deal was if we made it in before five o'clock it was free, afterwards it was $10...we made it at 5:06 and yep, we had to pay up!!! So, we headed in and quickly found a vendor to purchase a crawfish platter from. It was pretty good...not as spicy as I like it, but the boys were sweating b/c it was so hot to them (Light-weights!!). We stayed in for a couple hours then went out to my truck to drink some free beer (we had our cooler) - or rather for the boys to drink beer. I am proud of myself. I was very strict to the Atkins diet that I am starting!!! So we played football, listened to the music, people watched, and waited for another friend to join us. We did walk through the street vendors a couple of times, too!

Then it was time for the concerts to begin so we headed back in and watched Dub Miller and Roger Creager. Later a couple of female friends of Michael's brother joined us as well. Michael and I decided to call it a night before 11:00 - guess we're getting older, too Pamela!!!! Sunday we had plans to go to Michael's Aunt's house to celebrate his cousins first communion. So I got to meet more of the family and what I thought was just going to be a small family gathering was a BIG family gathering!!! We had a good time, though, and again I was very strict and passed on the bread, potatoes, and pasta salads that all looked quite tasty!!!!

When Michael and I grocery shop now we shop for things we can split between his kitchen and mine. Since I am on this diet now there are quite a few things I can't eat so halfway through our shopping on Sunday Michael announced he was just going to do this with me. He doesn't need to at all...he can eat anything he wants and it doesn't show, but I thought the gesture was incredibly sweet!!! I am sure he won't stick to it like I am, but if he is just doing to when he is with me it will be a big help!! We still bought him lots of things that I can't eat, but I don't want to deprive him of the food that he likes and a lot of it he can take to work for lunch, too.

This weekend we might be heading out of town least for one night. We just found out today that Pat Green is going to be in Nacogdoches at of my old college hangouts!! So, I think we're going to get in touch with my friends in East Texas and see who all is up for going to the concert. His brothers are going to be with us, too...we're a foursome now!! Like the Three Musketeers and D'artagnan, only in this case D'artagnan is a female!!!

Friday, May 02, 2003

Friday night...

I met up with everyone for pool last night. I haven't been out in a while and you could definitely tell by my game!!! I think I only won one and that was b/c Spencer scratched!! I had planned to go to dinner with everyone, but I found out that some friends came into town unexpectedly that night and were only going to be in town for that one I went back and forth for a while. I ended up going downtown to eat at Wasabi with everyone from pool - "the group"!! We had a great time through dinner, which lasted about two hours. The service was very slow, but oh so worth it!!! Sushi is still my favorite, but I am starting the Atkins Diet and won't be able to eat sushi like before...I'll still be able to eat sashimi b/c it doesn't have rice. So, knowing that I enjoyed my meal even more b/c it would be a while before I had it again! I enjoyed the good company and the good conversation very much.

After dinner half the group went to Market Square Grill - a favorite since as long as I can remember!!! The other half (about four of the girls I think) headed out on the town to bar hop a bit! I ended up driving back to The Woodlands. I was going to try to catch up with my friends before they left, but I was pretty tired by that time and ended up going home. I called to make my excuses and they were disappointed, but understood. Michael and his brothers had been fishing out close to my house so they all slept at my house. When I came in I found one on the computer, one already passed out on the couch bed, and Michael was just finishing brushing his teeth! My apartment is really big until it gets full of people!!!! I like having company, though. That one reason I would love to get into a house with at least two extra bedrooms so that I could invite more friends from out of town to come visit and stay with me. That is also why I bought a couch with a sleeper, b/c I knew that I would be in a one bedroom and would need a place for guests to sleep!

It was a good night and I was glad to go out with everyone had been a while! I also was able to catch up on a little bit of gossip that I had missed!! Hee Hee :)


I found this fairy the other day and thought she was pretty. I don't really have any place to put her, though, so I just thought I would share her in a post!

I am so happy that today is Friday. This has definitely been a week of ups and downs!!! (Yeah, the ups outway the it's all good!) Tonight I am going to play pool. I haven't been in a long time so I am really looking forward to playing and to seeing everyone.

Tomorrow we're heading out to the Crawfish Festival - Mudbugs, Beer, and Music! I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I have only been out there once before and it has been a while, but I remember that we had a good time...and any reason to eat crawfish!

Well, before I can get this weekend started, I have to finish today's work!