The Weekend Has Arrived...

Thursday, April 03, 2003
and with it comes a road trip!! After I get off work today my mother and I are taking a road trip to my grandmother's. (Nina - I'm gonna plan and coming by!) The boys are off to the deer lease to fill feeders and turkey hunt and the girls are going visiting! I haven't been up to East Texas in a couple of months so I am really looking forward to it. While we're there I am going to put in a garden for my grandmother. She has mentioned several times that she is wanting one this year, so that is our Saturday project! She is going to be so's a surprise!

The weather is icky again! Sticky is a more appropriate word I think! When you walk outside it feels like you're stuck in a plastic bag or something! I think we have a chance of rain, too...but I hope it doesn't spread to East Texas.

Last night was family night. Michael's two brothers came over to watch last night's game. It was pretty good until the last quarter...and I ended up falling asleep before it was over. I was so tired. I have never seen three brothers as close as these three...over the passed couple of weeks they have been in a feud of sorts, though - one with the other two. But yesterday things got patched up the way guys do it..."Hey man, you wanna go play ball?" "I can't, I am cooking dinner for Hanna tonight (it was good too, honey), but there's a good game on tonight. You wanna come over here and watch it?" "Yeah, I'll be there." Then Michael called his other brother to join them and the entire feud was over with! (In all honesty, the night before it all came to a head, but nothing was really resolved until last night.) I was so happy that they finally got over it...AND guys get passed things so easily...girls have too much drama and have to talk about it too much afterwards! I like the simple method better!