Twenty Questions - Wednesday 16th April 2003: Allsorts!

Tuesday, April 15, 2003
1. What will you be doing over the Easter weekend? - Spend the holiday with family and I will be meeting Michael's grandparents for the first time.
2. How did you celebrate your last birthday? Hee Hee...we had a big party at Bucca di Peppo with many of my friends!!
3. What would be the best birthday present you could receive? I dunno...I like all presents!
4. What did you do on your best birthday ever? I have really only celebrated a few birthdays - they weren't such a big deal in our family. Last year was a great one!
5. What picture is on your desktop wallpaper? - Webshot, they alternate pictures.
6. What is on your mouse mat? ( apart from the mouse - LOL!!! ) It's and says CURTIS.
7. Which colour do you wear most often? Black - dark colors.
8. What is the view like from the window nearest your computer desk? - I am looking down I-45 towards downtown Houston.
9. Are you artistic? In what way? - Yeah, many times when I look at things I imagine it through a camera lens!
10. Who is your favourite artist? - I have many. Depends on the format, photography, paintings - I like Van Gogh a lot.
11. Who is your favourite author? - Hmmm, I haven't read in a long time. The last thing I ready was Harry Potter. I really like Nicholas Sparks, though.
12. If you won a lottery what would you spend the money on? - I would pay off all my bills, buy a house, give my parents some, buy some kennels (I have always wanted to breed dogs), share with my friends, charities, buy a new wardrobe - travel a lot!!!!
13. What sort of car do you drive? A Jeep Grand Cherokee
14. How do you dress? ( i.e. smart, casual, power suits, scruffy, etc. ) Casual - but a little trendy.
15. How much jewellery do you wear? What is it? - I always have on my college ring and my trinity ring from Egypt. I always wear earrings and a necklace.
16. Have you ever dyed your hair? What colour? - Many times in HS, usually variations of RED!!
17. What was the last song you heard? - Always and Forever (it's on right now)
18. What do you think about smoking? ( for, against? ) Don't care, but don't blow it in my face. I used to smoke, but don't like it now.
19. Where would you most like to live? I don't want to leave Texas, but I would like to live somewhere with a better climate!
20. How often do you blog? Daily