Take Comfort...

Monday, April 28, 2003
Which is more comforting for you...

1. Lying down on the couch, or stretching out on a recliner? Recliner
2. Going barefoot or wearing soft slippers? Barefoot
3. Eating ice cream, or pizza? Pizza
4. Watching on TV...a classic movie or a reality show? Classic movie
5. Wearing: blue jeans or sweat pants?Sweats
6. A long, soothing bubble bath or a quick, invigorating shower? Bath
7. Furniture: leather, or something more on the fuzzy side? Fuzzy
8. Soft, classical music, or upbeat rock & roll? Classical (for relaxation, but I don't listen to it on a regular basis)
9. Darkness or light? Darkness
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: You get married, or otherwise begin cohabitating with a significant other. S/he moves into your place, but brings with them the UGLIEST chair you have ever seen! You really don't want this thing in your home, but SO says it is the most comfy chair s/he has ever sat in, and no way will they part with it. Do you: grin and bear it, or scheme to get rid of the montrosity somehow? We find a way that it can go in another room of the house other than the living room...as long as it isn't in the middle of my living room I am sure I could find a way to compromise and keep it.