Rain, Rain, Go Away

Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Well, it's moving in on us. Outside my window it is so dark, that my window looks more like a mirror. I can't see anything outside except for the headlights on the cars down on I-45. I can hear the thunder, though. There is a balcony-type outside my window and it seems to echo the sound of the thunder...like it is in a jar or something! I just got up and turned out overhead lights so that I could see outside a bit better. Still can't see very far, though. Man, I didn't realize this was coming this morning. Guess I should have turned the news on last night! This weather has (oh, there went the lightening) has really put the construction outside on hold for a while. They haven't been able to work all week b/c it has been too wet. Now the rain is hitting my window a little bit harder and the thunder is becoming more frequent. I used to love to watch bad weather growing up...I still do, but now I find myself either at work or busy doing something else and not able to sit and enjoy watching it as I used to.

Well, hopefully the next two weekends we'll have great weather b/c it's Crawfish Festival time again out here! Old Town Spring is a neat place, but I haven't had many opportunities to visit. (Rains hitting harder) They have lots of antique shops and restaurants and I think they host several festivals throughout the year. (Flash - Boom) Mmm...crawfish!!