My Long Weekend...

Sunday, April 20, 2003
It was so nice to have a three day weekend - although we were running all over the place and it rained Easter Sunday, it was a really great weekend!

Friday mother came to spend the day with me. We went out to lunch and spent the rest of the day shopping!! I don't like to go clothes shopping so about two or three times a year I'll splurge and buy several that is what I did Friday. I bought me three or four outfits and Michael a couple things. I also bought Michael's Easter basket - it was actually a tackle box. I put the Easter Grass and presents inside! It was really pretty cute! I wish I would have taken a picture, but I didn't! That evening Michael came over and he and I took mother out to dinner! It was pretty late by then so mother went home after that!

Saturday it was our (me and Michael) turn to run around all day. I finally got my stereo put into my jeep. (Quick history: I had a nice stereo and cd changer in my mustang and it was stolen a couple years ago. So I got a new stereo and had it when I bought my new jeep I took the stereo out of the mustang and put the factory back in...and I have waited all this time to put it into my jeep!) After we dropped off my jeep we went to the buy Michael a new cell phone and change his package. Then we had a quick lunch before going to the mall for a bit! Michael bought me a new fairy for my collection for Easter. It is really beautiful! Then we ran through Bed, Bath, and Beyond before going back to pick up my jeep.

After all the shopping and errands were done we went to his mother's parents' house. I hadn't met them yet and since we were spending Easter Sunday with his dad's side of the family, it was nice to be able to meet them on Saturday.

Sunday was Easter and we went to church (7:30 mass) with his parents. They didn't know we were coming so it was a nice surprise!!!! Since we had to get up so early, after service we took about a three hour nap before getting up to go to his dad's parents' house for Easter lunch. The rain woke me up from my nap - it was coming down so hard and thundering and lightening!! By the time I got into the car I was soaked!!! We drove by Michael's job and he gave me a quick tour and then onto his grandparents' house. I also got to meet his dad's brother and sister! They are all very nice and we had a good time.

That evening we went back to Michael's house and we had nachos for dinner (we were still pretty full from all the BBQ) and watched X-Men.

So, it was a very nice and very busy weekend!!!

Co-worker update: Well, he didn't propose, but they did spend a lot of time together this weekend, which is great! They spent A LOT of time talking, which is also great! I really think things are going to be alright for him. He seemed happy this morning when he was telling me about their weekend escapades! Good thing is she hasn't told her parents anything about what happened. I think this is good b/c when they do get married it wouldn't make for a good relationship with the in-laws if they knew all the bad stuff, too! It's hard enough to integrate families as it is, there is no need to add to the stress! They had some fun times this weekend and there were visits from the Easter Bunny! He brought the ring to work today so I got to model the finished product! It is very beautiful! I guess the next major update will be the proposal! He is trying to figure out how to do that now!!!