I'm in love with the Crocodile Alligator Hunter...

Sunday, April 13, 2003
We had such a great weekend! All weekend was family weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner with Michael's two brothers. The youngest has a new girlfriend and this was the first time for me and Michael to meet her. Then it was off to East Texas. Michael hadn't been to Broaddus since February and that was only for a couple hours so I was anxious for him to spend some time up there. Saturday was spent at the pond fishing. I caught a fish on my first cast and continued to catch after that! I think I ended up catching around 10 and Michael caught about six...but his big catch was of the reptilian nature!!! A while back my nephew and his cousin caught an alligator in the creek and being the geniuses they are, they put it into the pond. Well, it has grown a bit and Michael ended up with him on the end of a hook!! He has cast over the alligator a couple of times and one time it stuck on his back! It was so strange b/c the alligator didn't fight at all. He would just leisurely try to swim to the opposite bank and Michael would pull him back, then he would try to swim again and Michael would pull him back. He got the alligator about fifteen feet from where we (Michael, my mother, and me) were on the levy watching and we could see the entire body! It was pretty cool! Finally he started to fight a bit and in time got off the hook and swam away into the cat-tails! When everyone else got back to the house we had a good story to tell them!

Later Michael and I dropped mother off at my aunt's for a while (I had cousins in town this weekend, too) and I took Michael to see the house that I grew up in. It looks different now...it is rather strange to see other people walking around in our yard and in the house. They are nice people, though. She was outside when we drove up so we stopped for a while and caught up on what had been going on! Afterwards we drove out to the lake and fished a bit there. The best way to fish in the lake though is with a boat and since we didn't have one we headed back. My aunt and uncle have a couple of ponds on their place too and since the kids were in we went out there and fished with them a bit, too. I think we all caught one there!! Then went back to my sister's!

We fished until the sun went down and the mosquitos came out then headed back up to the house where everyone else was. We had friends over too since we were all in town and grilled hamburgers and sat outside talking for a long time! The next morning Michael and I got up early and went down to the pond again - he definitely out-fished me on Sunday! We only fished for a couple hours and then went to get ready for church. When we came home from church my niece's husband and his brother had the guns out and were shooting so that is exactly where Michael was as well until it was time for lunch! After lunch we all got out of the house for a while...Michael and I took off on the four-wheeler and mother, my sister, and my niece all took off on the mule!! After we all rode out to the store to gas up Michael and I headed off in our own directions...checked out the deer stands around the ranch and rode down to the lake! After a couple hours we ended up back at the house ready for a long nap! And that is exactly what we did before packing up and heading back to Houston!

Now it is back to life...just with a little bit more sun now!!!