Dum Dum De Dum

Monday, April 28, 2003
What a weekend...

Well, the Hunyadi's are now officially one big happy family!!!! Friday evening we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Then that night the guys and gals split up to take the betrothed ones out for their last nights as single people!! No details shall be disclosed here today...move on, move on!!!

Saturday was the big day. I had a lot of running around to do that morning...hair, nails, last minute shopping, etc! But managed to get everything done with time enough to spare that I was able to sit down for a brief moment alone and relax before making my way to the wedding festivities! You know the best part of being in a wedding is getting there so early and getting front row in the parking (well, that's not really the best part, but it's a perk!). The wedding went so smoothly...the bride was beautiful, the weather was perfect (got hot once or twice), the food and champagne was delightful...all in all it was a wonderful wedding!!

After the wedding was over I went to my mother's for a while so visit with her and my grandmother. After my grandmother left to go back home I drove out to my friend's parents' house. It was her brother's birthday and they had been out there partying since 10 am!!! I made it home about 1:00 - completely exhausted, even though I napped briefly at my mother's house.

Michael was there not long after...he woke me up actually. He had been playing in a softball tournament for most of the day...and they won it all!!! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!! They got off to a slow start and lost the first two games...if they had lost another they would have been out, but ended up winning all their other games to go on and play in and win the championship game!! Needless to say they were all in good spirits!!

Sunday was just for us. We had lunch at Black-eyed Pea and then went to the mall to walk for a while...and check out the puppies at the pet store. I don't go to the mall without walking through the pet store!! Then I got a phone call from the apartment complex I have been trying to get into telling me that they have an apartment for me!! Yay! So, we decided to take a drive out there and see which one it was. Then we just drove around the area for a while before heading back up to north. We drove out by the bed and breakfast where Sherry and EJ were married on Saturday and then headed into Old Towne Spring to wonder around a bit. Then we drove back up through the Woodlands and on into Conroe. We were going to go out to the lake, but took the wrong road (for quite a way) so we decided to just wait until next weekend and maybe spend Sunday out there! So we came back home to rest for a bit and then went to his parents' house for dinner.

It turned out to be a great weekend!!! There was a proposal and acceptance, a marriage, time spent with friends and family, and just a good time spent with my honey!! I hope your weekend was as good!