Drama Queens/Kings

Tuesday, April 22, 2003
You know, some people, no matter what they do seem to have drama every day of their lives. I don't understand how these people function in society!! I can't stand drama! Since I was in the 6th grade I have tried to avoid it at every cost...and this includes gossiping! In the 6th grade I passed along vital 6th grade girl information and caused some friends to be angry with me. It didn't make sense then so it makes even less sense now, but for some reason they acted like I told the world they still slept in footie pajamas or something! Ever since then I don't pass along gossip and if someone tells me something about you, chances are if I'm really interested I will just come right out and ask you about it. Straight to the horse's mouth!!! Otherwise, it is stored away and more than likely I won't think about it again.

I thank Michael every day that we don't have drama in our lives, but there are some people who seem to just thrive on it. They have to have some major issues going on that could land them on Jerry Springer or they think they'll disappear. How can they not have ulcers??? My entire diet would consist of nothing by antacid medications if I had half the drama of some people! I guess it has a lot to do with the way you're brought up, too. I can remember my father saying, "It's none of our business..." whenever something was said about someone outside our family, or "This stays within our walls..." if something happened within the family. He didn't want to know other people's drama and if we had any he didn't want it shared...and I learned a lot from that. The drama that I have had in my life is pretty minimal. I mean, everyone has their own little personal dramas, but the major stuff I have been lucky to avoid to some degree.

And what gets me is that those who need the drama seem to create it if there isn't anything going on. They will either dig up something old and bring it to the surface again or pick at something that is pretty innocent until it becomes a catastrophe! And I am not just talking females here...there are men who are this way, too!!! People, be content with the peacefulness!!!

Okay...thanks for playing. I feel better now!