Another restaurant

Thursday, April 17, 2003
A Dallas original is coming to The Woodlands. New developments are very common out here, but this one I have issues about. Not so much the fact that they are putting in a new restaurant, but where they are putting it. Out my window I can see I-45 and on good days the downtown skyline - in between there are tons of trees and directly in front of the building there are two ponds. Well, one is actually called Lake Robbins and leads into what is eventually going to be Houston's version of the Riverwalk in San Antonio. This "lake" is separated from the other pond by a street. This other pond is the future home of Kirby's Steakhouse!! I must admit that watching the progress of the construction is pretty cool, but I think I would rather look out at the water than another restaurant, although the lake will still be there. The rumor is that they are not going to take in the entire pond for restaurant and parking, but that they are going to have outdoor seating along the water's edge - Landry's has that here! Yeah, I like to sit outside to eat when the weather is good and sitting next to the water is nice and I am enjoying watching the progression of the construction, so I guess I really don't have any real "issues" with this restaurant coming in like I thought I did! Funny, I just talked myself into liking the idea!!!