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Reasons for Love

I love Michael b/c when we have a fight and make up he seems to be a little bit more in love with me
I love Michael b/c he sends me sweet text messages throughout the day
I love Michael b/c he shares his drink and popcorn with me every night
I love Michael b/c he didn't commit to another softball game this weekend b/c I wanted to go somewhere else!!!

Twenty Questions: Mixture

1. What's the toiletry product you wouldn't be without? Ugh, toilet paper being the obvious and toothpaste being second!
2. Do you take vitamins? If so which ones? Not like I should...when I do they are usually just multivitamins for women.
3. What do you do if you can't sleep? Read or write in my journal.
4. If you're ill, is there a 'comfort food' you like to have? I like soup...usually just broth if I am sick, though.
5. Which childhood illnesses did you have ( e.g. measles )? Chicken pox
6. Have you ever taken a sick day from work when you weren't ill? No...honest!
7. Have you ever broken a bone? Yeah, three...both arms and a finger!
8. Do you trust 'alternative' remedies? Not really, but I'll try sometimes.
9. What career did you want to have when you were a child? Something creative...but I never said I want to be "@#^$#" when I grow up.
10. What religion are you? I'm a Christian...and if you're talking denomination, I was raised …

Take Comfort...

Which is more comforting for you...

1. Lying down on the couch, or stretching out on a recliner? Recliner
2. Going barefoot or wearing soft slippers? Barefoot
3. Eating ice cream, or pizza? Pizza
4. Watching on TV...a classic movie or a reality show? Classic movie
5. Wearing: blue jeans or sweat pants?Sweats
6. A long, soothing bubble bath or a quick, invigorating shower? Bath
7. Furniture: leather, or something more on the fuzzy side? Fuzzy
8. Soft, classical music, or upbeat rock & roll? Classical (for relaxation, but I don't listen to it on a regular basis)
9. Darkness or light? Darkness
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: You get married, or otherwise begin cohabitating with a significant other. S/he moves into your place, but brings with them the UGLIEST chair you have ever seen! You really don't want this thing in your home, but SO says it is the most comfy chair s/he has ever sat in, and no way will they part with it. Do you: grin and bear it, or scheme to get rid of …

Dum Dum De Dum

What a weekend...

Well, the Hunyadi's are now officially one big happy family!!!! Friday evening we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Then that night the guys and gals split up to take the betrothed ones out for their last nights as single people!! No details shall be disclosed here today...move on, move on!!!

Saturday was the big day. I had a lot of running around to do that, nails, last minute shopping, etc! But managed to get everything done with time enough to spare that I was able to sit down for a brief moment alone and relax before making my way to the wedding festivities! You know the best part of being in a wedding is getting there so early and getting front row in the parking (well, that's not really the best part, but it's a perk!). The wedding went so smoothly...the bride was beautiful, the weather was perfect (got hot once or twice), the food and champagne was delightful...all in all it was a wonderful wedding!!

After the wedding was over I…

Friday Five

1. What was the last TV show you watched? Charmed

2. What was the last thing you complained about and what was the problem? That it was too early in the morning to be at the office!

3. Who was the last person you complimented and what did you say? Last night at the ballgame I told a woman what a precious baby she had...she was a cutie, too!!

4. What was the last thing you threw away? The to-go container my eggs came in from the cafeteria downstairs!

5. What was the last website (besides this one) that you visited? My webmail!

All for Peanuts...

I bought some roasted peanuts for Michael's Easter basket and decided to bring some of the extra to the office to munch on. I was eating some this morning and a few of them weren't cracking open very easily. This reminded me of a time when I was very young. I used to spend a lot of time at my grandparents' house when I was little.

One day, when I was about five, I was eating some peanuts that Grannie had roasted for us. As I cracked open each shell I saw that my grandfather was watching me and he told me to bring him one so that he could show me the right way to crack them. He had all his teeth pulled years before and never wore his false he couldn't enjoy the peanuts. Even though I knew this, my response was, "No, I know what you're going to do. You're going to trick me and eat my peanuts." So, I showed him that I knew how to crack open the peanuts...he didn't watch me this time, but turned his attention back to the television show tha…

Ah, That's Amore!!

Tonight's the Night...for a lot!!! My co-worker is going to pop the question tonight! He talked to her parents earlier this week and got their blessing. The most important thing, though, is that they are talking again. He is spending every day with her now and they are getting along pretty well. Honestly, I think she knows what is about to happen b/c her mother slipped and asked her if she had something to tell them. Doh!! My co-worker had to tell her that he hadn't asked yet! I am so excited for them!!

And, on a more immediate note...tonight is the rehearsal dinner and bachelorette party for our definite Bride-to-Be and her Groom!!! Yep, tomorrow is the Big Day for the two of them! It has been pretty cool to watch the evolution of their relationship...I was there the first night they met and have watched them grow into the beautiful family they are!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You're great people to know and I am so happy that you're special day has arrived!!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Well, it's moving in on us. Outside my window it is so dark, that my window looks more like a mirror. I can't see anything outside except for the headlights on the cars down on I-45. I can hear the thunder, though. There is a balcony-type outside my window and it seems to echo the sound of the it is in a jar or something! I just got up and turned out overhead lights so that I could see outside a bit better. Still can't see very far, though. Man, I didn't realize this was coming this morning. Guess I should have turned the news on last night! This weather has (oh, there went the lightening) has really put the construction outside on hold for a while. They haven't been able to work all week b/c it has been too wet. Now the rain is hitting my window a little bit harder and the thunder is becoming more frequent. I used to love to watch bad weather growing up...I still do, but now I find myself either at work or busy doing something else and not able to s…

4 Triples and 2 Singles

Michael had a great game last night!!! They won both their games, but the second was an awesome game. First time up at bat Michael hit a triple and three more followed throughout the game along with two singles!!! He fielded very well, too...but did drop the ball once! Everyone else was hitting good, too. Needless to say, he was in an awesome mood after that game! They all were. As of right now they are in first place - 4:0! I hope they keep this going!!


Twenty Questions: Miscellaneous

1. When you buy a greetings card are the words or the picture more important to you? The words...
2. What's your favourite kind of cake? Coconut/German Chocolate...
3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them? Usually I buy...
4. What's your favourite holiday - i.e. Christmas? Halloween is fun, but I think I like Thanksgiving best...
5. Are you going on holiday this year? If so, where? For the first year since I was a senior in college I don't have an international trip a matter of fact, I don't even think I'm leaving the state this year...
6. What was the best party you've ever been to? Hmmm...this one is hard. One particular party isn't really standing out more than another. I guess one I hosted in college that brought the police out...hee hee!!!
7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like? A winter wedding w/ a princess style brocade dress and candle light! (No, I'm not m…

Drama Queens/Kings

You know, some people, no matter what they do seem to have drama every day of their lives. I don't understand how these people function in society!! I can't stand drama! Since I was in the 6th grade I have tried to avoid it at every cost...and this includes gossiping! In the 6th grade I passed along vital 6th grade girl information and caused some friends to be angry with me. It didn't make sense then so it makes even less sense now, but for some reason they acted like I told the world they still slept in footie pajamas or something! Ever since then I don't pass along gossip and if someone tells me something about you, chances are if I'm really interested I will just come right out and ask you about it. Straight to the horse's mouth!!! Otherwise, it is stored away and more than likely I won't think about it again.

I thank Michael every day that we don't have drama in our lives, but there are some people who seem to just thrive on it. They have to have s…

This or That

What Is...

1. Yummier: Chocolate ice cream or strawberry cheesecake? Cheesecake
2. Better to watch on TV: Movies or sports? Movies...I prefer sports live, but I'll watch on TV.
3. A better web browser: MSIE or Netscape (or tell us your own favorite!) MSIE
4. A better way to travel: Automobile or bus/train? Train is is fine as long as I don't have to drive.
5. Your preferred camera: Digital or film? Digital is more convenient and I use it more, but I still love film!
6. A Cooler Vehicle: Motorcycle or sports car? Motorcycle!! Preferably Harley!
7. More fun: Video games or board games? Board games
8. Sexier: A perfect body or an intelligent mind? Gotta have a little of both, but I'd get bored with the body in a hurry if the brain was lacking!
9. A stinkier smell: Skunk or gasoline (petrol)? Gasoline - it burns!
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: What is more important to you: making a ton of money and being at the top of your field, or finding your soulmate and li…

Twenty Questions: Love/Hate/How Many

1. Which household chore do you really hate? Putting up laundry. I don't mind the washing, but I hate to put it up!
2. Which chore do you like doing? I don't mind polishing brass! I don't have any (that might be why I like to do it), but when I lived at home I would do it for mother a lot.
3. What is the worst job you've ever done? RETAIL!!!! Clothing retail to be specific. I didn't mind other retail stores, but hated selling clothes to people!
4. What would be your dream job? I would be a photographer for National Geographic!
5. What's the worst job you can imagine? Picking up trash...
6. What is the happiest event you've experienced? Falling in love.
7. What is the saddest thing you've experienced? The death of my grandfather.
8. Have you experienced true love? Yes.
9. Is there anyone you hate? Why? No, I don't have any feelings for people that I don't like. Not even hate...that would be too much.
10. How many countries have you visited? 7
11. How many …

My Long Weekend...

It was so nice to have a three day weekend - although we were running all over the place and it rained Easter Sunday, it was a really great weekend!

Friday mother came to spend the day with me. We went out to lunch and spent the rest of the day shopping!! I don't like to go clothes shopping so about two or three times a year I'll splurge and buy several that is what I did Friday. I bought me three or four outfits and Michael a couple things. I also bought Michael's Easter basket - it was actually a tackle box. I put the Easter Grass and presents inside! It was really pretty cute! I wish I would have taken a picture, but I didn't! That evening Michael came over and he and I took mother out to dinner! It was pretty late by then so mother went home after that!

Saturday it was our (me and Michael) turn to run around all day. I finally got my stereo put into my jeep. (Quick history: I had a nice stereo and cd changer in my mustang and it was stolen a couple yea…

Reasons for Love...

I love Michael because...

He always ends up waiting on me to get ready to go somewhere and he never complains

He invited my mother out to his softball game this week - just b/c he thought she would like to get out of the house since daddy is gone to work

He is so excited for me to meet his grandparents this weekend

He always fixes a big glass of tea so that we can share, and if he wants one all to himself he fixes me my own

Another restaurant

A Dallas original is coming to The Woodlands. New developments are very common out here, but this one I have issues about. Not so much the fact that they are putting in a new restaurant, but where they are putting it. Out my window I can see I-45 and on good days the downtown skyline - in between there are tons of trees and directly in front of the building there are two ponds. Well, one is actually called Lake Robbins and leads into what is eventually going to be Houston's version of the Riverwalk in San Antonio. This "lake" is separated from the other pond by a street. This other pond is the future home of Kirby's Steakhouse!! I must admit that watching the progress of the construction is pretty cool, but I think I would rather look out at the water than another restaurant, although the lake will still be there. The rumor is that they are not going to take in the entire pond for restaurant and parking, but that they are going to have outdoor seating along the water…


39 years ago the Ford Mustang was introduced! Sometimes I really miss my mustang. I thought I had left my youth behind or something when I decided to get rid of it and buy an SUV, but then again, Michael has one that is a lot faster than mine ever was so when I get the urge I just drive his! Er...let me rephrase that, when I get the urge and he is being especially sweet, I just drive his!!! He doesn't let anyone drive his car. He is very proud of it and rightfully so...he has done a lot of work on it!

I am so happy that we don't have to work tomorrow. I have been anxious for another three-day weekend! My mother is coming over early in the morning and we're going to run errands and do some shopping together. She is also going to measure my dress that might need altering for EJ and Sherry's wedding next weekend!!! WooHoo!!! The day is finally here! I am so excited for you guys!

Co-worker update: Well, he bought the ring yesterday and should be able to pick it up today or …


A co-worker/friend sent this to me today and I thought it would be something good to share. The pictures move a little fast, but it is still good. We have been audience to much more during this war than any in our history and I think that is a privilege b/c we are able to be there with them on a certain level. I would never believe that we could imagine what they are going through, but being more aware through the media, journalists, and sites such as this is something that I am thankful for.

Twenty Questions - Wednesday 16th April 2003: Allsorts!

1. What will you be doing over the Easter weekend? - Spend the holiday with family and I will be meeting Michael's grandparents for the first time.
2. How did you celebrate your last birthday? Hee Hee...we had a big party at Bucca di Peppo with many of my friends!!
3. What would be the best birthday present you could receive? I dunno...I like all presents!
4. What did you do on your best birthday ever? I have really only celebrated a few birthdays - they weren't such a big deal in our family. Last year was a great one!
5. What picture is on your desktop wallpaper? - Webshot, they alternate pictures.
6. What is on your mouse mat? ( apart from the mouse - LOL!!! ) It's and says CURTIS.
7. Which colour do you wear most often? Black - dark colors.
8. What is the view like from the window nearest your computer desk? - I am looking down I-45 towards downtown Houston.
9. Are you artistic? In what way? - Yeah, many times when I look at things I imagine it through a camera le…

Easter Engagement

I'm going engagement ring shopping tomorrow!!! Sit, it isn't for me! One of my co-workers is getting ready to pop the question so tomorrow we're going to look and see what we can find. He has been a couple of times already, but hasn't found just what he is looking for. Apparently the girl has described in detail the type of ring she wants and that is exactly what he is looking for. This is a delicate matter; however, b/c they aren't exactly together at the moment. He screwed up - BIG TIME - and is now trying to make things right. He didn't really realize how much he loved this girl and wanted to be with her until he lost her and now he is trying to prove his commitment to her. He is so nervous - I mean any guy getting ready to propose would be nervous, but since they aren't on a high note right now he is even more afraid of what she'll say to him. He and I went out to lunch a couple times last week to talk about it and again yesterday. He has…

This or That

In honor of this occasion, this week's theme is *Money*. A few questions about taxes, the rest about money in general. And a little bit of silliness, too!

1. File taxes as early as possible, or wait until the last possible minute? Pretty early, but my dad is my accountant, so when he files his is when I file mine!
2. File electronically, or mail paper forms? Electronically!
3. Prepare your own taxes, or have someone do it for you? My dad...
4. Are you a saver or a spender? I am pretty reasonable...
5. Do you prefer to carry cash, or pay with plastic (credit/debit cards), or by check? Plastic
6. You're broke and desperately need a job, but the only places that are hiring are retail or fast food places. Which would you pick? Retail
7. Keeping track of your money: are you more meticulous or careless about it? I am not meticulous, but I check my accounts every day.
8. What do you do if you find yourself with a lot of change weighing down your purse/pocket/wallet? Do you try to spend it t…

I'm in love with the Crocodile Alligator Hunter...

We had such a great weekend! All weekend was family weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner with Michael's two brothers. The youngest has a new girlfriend and this was the first time for me and Michael to meet her. Then it was off to East Texas. Michael hadn't been to Broaddus since February and that was only for a couple hours so I was anxious for him to spend some time up there. Saturday was spent at the pond fishing. I caught a fish on my first cast and continued to catch after that! I think I ended up catching around 10 and Michael caught about six...but his big catch was of the reptilian nature!!! A while back my nephew and his cousin caught an alligator in the creek and being the geniuses they are, they put it into the pond. Well, it has grown a bit and Michael ended up with him on the end of a hook!! He has cast over the alligator a couple of times and one time it stuck on his back! It was so strange b/c the alligator didn't fight at all. He would just leisurely…

Friday Five

1. What was the first band you saw in concert? I think that would have to be Peter Frampton, 38 Special, and Lynard Skynrd. They were all together my sophomore year in college and I went with my boyfriend and his mother! Actually, it got rained out after Frampton and we had to make another trip to see the rest of the concert!

2. Who is your favorite artist/band now? I love all types of music, but I don't think I ever change the station when Aerosmith is on!!!

3. What's your favorite song? Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight

4. If you could play any instrument, what would it be? The piano...I took lessons for years, but didn't practice like I should. I really wish now that I would have!

5. If you could meet any musical icon (past or present), who would it be and why? Hmmm, these types of questions are always hard! I wouldn't mind meeting Steven Tyler, but I am sure that there are others I would enjoy to meet!!!

The Who Is Edition

Who is:

1. Sexier (female)...Pamela Anderson or Jennifer Garner? I'll answer Pamela Anderson, b/c I don't know who Jennifer Garner is!!
2. Sexier (male)...Ben Affleck or Matt Damon? Definitely Ben!!
3. The better piano player...Billy Joel or Elton John? Oooo...that is tough, I really like both of them a lot!
4. Funnier...David Letterman or Craig Kilborn? Like number one, I'm going to answer Letterman b/c I don't know Kilborn!
5. The dumber cartoon cat...Stimpy (of *Ren & Stimpy*) or Tom (of *Tom & Jerry*)? I don't like Ren & Stimpy - I think the entire cartoon is dumb!
6. A better news anchor...Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather? Browkaw
7. A better TV chef...Emeril Lagasse or Jacques Pepin? Emeril
8. The trashier talk show host...Maury Povich or Jerry Springer? Springer
9. The worse fast food burger joint...McDonald's or Burger King? McDonald's
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: Only a handful of U.S. Presidents have been considered to be *great* Of the f…


In most schools, especially middle and high school there are certain cliques. At least when I was in high school 20 years ago there were!

Jocks, Brains, Druggies, Band kids, A-Listers, Rednecks, Sluts, Virgins, Rockers, Punks, Rebels, Loners, Losers.

Where did you fit in? Did you fall into more than one group? Did you want to be in a different clique? Did you feel comfortable in your clique with people just like you, or did you want to break out and try to conform to another one? Did it really matter to you to fit in? What about now, have you changed from the clique you were in, or are you still the same way?

My HS was small and definitely had its cliques, but I can't say that I didn't really fit in one and did in another. I was friends with most everyone in school and can pretty much get along with everyone. I was an athlete and I was one of the smart kids...I was in Homecoming every year and in several organizations. My life now is pretty much like that, too. I have several gro…

Another Monday

I know I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping things updated around here! I have reasons...excuses...whatever you want to call them. Work has been pretty busy lately so I haven't been getting online as much during working hours, which was when I posted most of the time. Plus the fact that they cracked down on internet usage during working hours, so I don't get online much even when work isn't that busy!! Trying to be a good little employee! Also, at night I don't get online as much b/c Michael and I are on the go a lot and if we're at his house I don't have my computer and when we're at my house, he is on more than I am!! I do miss keeping up with everyone and giving regular updates, but I have never been happier than I am these days!!

So, how do our weeks normally go?? Mondays are usually open, so if we have dinner with my parents I try to plan it for Mondays! Tuesday nights are softball and if we're lucky and get early games we can be home…

Friday Five

1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life? 8 and I am about to move into my 9th - a new apartment!

2. Which was your favorite and why? I don't know - there are different things I liked about all of them. I liked the location of the one in the Galleria, I like how close my current one is to work, I liked my last apartment in college b/c that was a fun time! They all had their advantages!

3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why? I think it is exciting, but am so thankful when the move is over!

4. What's more important, location or price? Neither...they are both equally important!

5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)? A huge bathroom with a big garden tub/whirlpool and a stand alone shower...I also want a big back yard for kennels (I want to breed dogs one day), and a big porch across the frong (or a wrap around)!

The Weekend Has Arrived...

and with it comes a road trip!! After I get off work today my mother and I are taking a road trip to my grandmother's. (Nina - I'm gonna plan and coming by!) The boys are off to the deer lease to fill feeders and turkey hunt and the girls are going visiting! I haven't been up to East Texas in a couple of months so I am really looking forward to it. While we're there I am going to put in a garden for my grandmother. She has mentioned several times that she is wanting one this year, so that is our Saturday project! She is going to be so's a surprise!

The weather is icky again! Sticky is a more appropriate word I think! When you walk outside it feels like you're stuck in a plastic bag or something! I think we have a chance of rain, too...but I hope it doesn't spread to East Texas.

Last night was family night. Michael's two brothers came over to watch last night's game. It was pretty good until the last quarter...and I ended up falling asl…