Weekend Update...

Monday, March 03, 2003
Friday: After work Michael and I met up with friends to eat some crawfish and then played pool for a while before calling it a night...early. We were all pretty tired.

Saturday: Before I came to work where I am now I worked for a company in the Galleria Area...which is where Elaine and I met, as well as Melanie and Pamela. While three of us are still in Houston, Pamela's life has taken her out of H-Town and we don't get to see her very often. We really don't see Melanie much either since her life is so busy these days. So, it was nice that we all had the chance to have a little reunion at Elaine's house on Saturday afternoon. Thanks for the lasagna Elaine...it was good! Melanie and Pamela are also both pregnant now so there was lots of baby-talk going on, too!

Our original plan was to head out to Galveston again after lunch, but Michael and I were tired and the weather was kind of dreary so we decided to hang out at home for a while and then go out again for crawfish (hey, we really like mud-bugs!), but not long after we got home the phone rang and our friends were all telling us to come out that the weather wasn't bad down there. So, off we went. We didn't stay as long, though, b/c it was very crowded since it was the last weekend. Much more than last weekend.

Sunday: HAPPY B'DAY MOM!!! Sunday was my mother's b'day (and Texas Independence Day as well). Up to this point, Michael had not met my father so this was a good opportunity for the two of them to finally meet one another. We went to my parents' first and I introduced Daddy and Michael and gave mother her b'day present. Then we all went to my sister's house...the whole family was there. My sister made gumbo and the guys boiled crawfish (hey, I already told you we really liked them)! We were there until around 7:30 and then went back to my parents' for a while to visit with them and my grandmother and aunt and uncle.

Tonight: I got a phone call yesterday from a friend with a couple extra tickets to see Tim McGraw - so guess what!! We're going back to the rodeo again tonight! It makes for late nights, but the rodeo is only here once a year, right!?!?