One last rodeo concert...

Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Tonight is my last rodeo concert for 2003!!! We are going to see Bon Jovi...ah, we all had such a crush on him when we were in Junior High...and even HS!! My brother is now going with us, so I am pretty excited about that. He has never been to the rodeo...or to a concert now that I think about it! So, this should be a lot of fun for him. I'll have plenty of pictures to post!!

Last night we had a nice dinner. I had to skip going to softball b/c I went to meet my niece to get my ticket for tonight. She lives about an hour from me, so we met up downtown (about halfway between both of us. Michael's games were early last night I just decided to go home and start dinner. I had put out a roast so I needed the extra time anyway. Turned out pretty good! I love to cook, but not just for myself. I like to cook when there are other people to eat it!

I need to start getting my things ready for this weekend as well...I'm leaving on Friday for Dallas, but I have so much to do first, but since tonight is booked it looks like I'll be spending Thursday night trying to get it all done! Monday night I worked my butt off getting all the laundry done (and cleaning house) - that's one thing I won't have to worry about tomorrow night. Everything is clean, I just need to do some ironing and packing!

Hope ya have a great Hump Day!