My Hometown:

Sunday, March 30, 2003
Well, I grew up in a tiny, TINY, town so the answers to the following questions are going to be a little unusual - but here goes!!! Enjoy!
The best resturant, the one I have to eat at, at least once, while I'm in your town: Since I have moved away there is a catfish place that has moved into town. I have only ate there once, but it was really good. And hey, when you live in the Bass Fishing Capital you had better know how to fry fish! It is called Catfish Junction!

The best place to relax and take in some people watching. (please don't say the mall!): I don't know how much people watching you would be able to do, but you could do plenty of fish watching! The lake is definitely the best place to kick back when you're in Broaddus. Whether you're in a boat out in the middle of the lake or sitting on the bank you're definitely going to get that peaceful feeling!!

The best place to take kids to have some fun: I am going to have to stick with my answer to the previous question for this one as well. There aren't really many attractions without the lake.

The best nightclub or date place for my hubby and I to have some time alone: A date? IN Broaddus? That's not going to happen...the closest place to go out to a nightclub or something like that is going to be about and hour drive out of town.

The absolute best hotel to stay in while I'm there: There are a couple nice places to stay in Broaddus actually...there are cabins that are on the lake with beautiful views or one hotel just on the edge of town. I would definitely recommend on of the cabin accomodations, though!!!