Monday, March 03, 2003
1. Soup or salad? Both...
2. Hot or cold sandwiches? Hmmm...depends on the weather. (Today it would be hot)
3. White or whole wheat bread (or rye, etc)? Wheat
4. Pack a lunch for work/school, or buy it? Buy it...I carry too much back and forth already!
5. If you eat chain, or mom & pop type place? Not fast food...
6. Tuna or chicken salad? I like them both, but usually end up eating tuna!
7. Cheese: Swiss or cheddar (or American, etc)? Manchego is my favorite, but I also like swiss, provolone, feta - most cheeses!
8. Mustard or mayo? Mustard
9. Sandwiches: wrap/pita pocket, or regular bread/roll? Pocket - wheat pocket!
10. Sweet stuff: cookie/cake or fresh fruit? Depends on the time of the month! Hey, you asked!