A Little Bit O' This, A Little Bit O' That!

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
1. Cold frosty ski slopes or warm sandy beach? I like the snow...
2. Chevy or Ford? I have never owned a Chevy...Ford.
3. Mac or PC? PC
4. Dial-up or high speed internet access? High Speed
5. Small *family-only* wedding or large 200+ guest wedding? Small, but not family only...
6. Would you rather be the bridesmaid or the bride? (if you are a guy, substitute best man or groom) Bride
8. Roses or daisies? Daisies
9. Trashy romance novels or classic literature? Is there a somewhere in between...romance
10. NEW! Thought-provoking question of the week...If you had to choose one...would you rather be blind or deaf? Why? Deaf...b/c the dark would be even more depressing to me.