Is it our hormones???

Monday, March 10, 2003
I have never really been a "girlie" girl or had a lot of girl friends. I have a select few female friends that I am close to, but for the biggest part of my life most of my really close friends have been male. I listen to a lot of gossip, but don't really pass that much along (lesson I learned in the 6th grade), I like to do my hair and make-up, but if I am running late it is minimal and I will go to the grocery store with a pony-tail and no make-up. I like to wear nice clothes, but I HATE to shop. I have come into a lot of relationships with a "guy's mentality" about them...have a good time, if it works - Yay!, if it doesn't, then okay, it wasn't meant to be (it was obvious these people didn't have much of an impact on me).

Now I am in a serious relationship with someone I care very deeply about (yes, I'll admit it, I'm in love) and all of a sudden I'm acting like a female!!!! I guess what is really bringing this on is the fact that this coming weekend is going to be our first time apart from one another and we aren't even going to have that much time together during this week b/c there is STILL so much going on. Tonight Michael has a rosary to attend (his great-uncle passed away on Saturday), so he won't be back from that until late. I am taking advantage of that time, though, b/c we both have piles of laundry that needs to be clean for this weekend. So, while he is at the rosary, I'll be washing clothes. Tuesday, though we will be together, is softball. Luckily tomorrow's slots are early ones so we will get out of there at a decent hour. Wednesday I am going to see Bon Jovi at the rodeo (YES - I'm going again) with my two nieces (my age) and my sister, so I won't be home until late that night. Then on Thursday, Michael and the guys are going to see Pat Green and I won't see him that night at all b/c after the concert all the guys are staying together in order to get up at 4:00 AM the next morning and head out for the weekend. They are going camping and will be gone until Sunday. Since I knew he was going to be out of town this weekend I decided that would be a perfect opportunity to go to Dallas and spend some time with Dennon. I haven't seen his new house or met his new love-interest (I must give the thumbs up - we still value one another's opinion) and I haven't seen him in too long a time. So, at least I won't be sitting at home pining while Michael is out of town...and we are going to be in the same town. They were originally going towards Austin to camp, but the lake flooded so it is closed off to visitors. Instead, now they are going to a place a friend owns just south of Dallas - I'll be just North of Dallas. We won't see one another, but it does give me a certain ease knowing we'll at least be in the same vicinity!!! Yeah, I's just three days!!! (See, being female, ugh!)