Thursday, March 13, 2003
I just lost a long post and now I have to start all over again!!!

Bon Jovi @ Rodeo 2003 I have posted pictures from Bon Jovi - they are the last ones in the album. This was one of the best concerts I have been to this year. They said his attendance even beat George Strait's, which is really hard to believe. They even came back for an encore - actually, it was the only show I had seen where the band came back for an encore!!! We all had such crushes on him when we were in junior high...he's still awesome today!! My brother and sister and my niece went with me...so it was a family night!!!! There were a couple of his new songs that I hadn't heard before, but the old ones brought back a lot of memories!

I am anxious to get to Dallas tomorrow...I'm taking a half day to get a good start!! We don't have any big plans. I haven't seen Dennon in a long time so I'm excited to see him. He won't get to meet Michael yet, though. They are going to be on the south side of Dallas and it's a guy's weekend so I am not going to bother calling him!! They'll meet him eventually! The only definite plans Dennon and I have are to go to the arboretum and I really want to get some good pictures so I hope the weather is nice whatever day we decide to go. The flowers are going to be beautiful!!

I have to take Chinook back to my parents' tomorrow, too, before I go to the airport. (Yes, I'm flying to Dalllas. I don't like to drive alone any distances that are further than a couple hours...I get too sleepy!!! Yeah dangerous, huh!?!?) It is going to be hard to drop him off, I think. I have really enjoyed having him stay here with me and I think he has enjoyed staying here, too! It's nice to walk in the door and have him jumping up and down with anticipation of seeing me!!!

Y'know, I am getting sleepy, so I think I am going to stop here. I doubt I'll be on until Sunday night when I get back into town, so until then...