Monday, February 03, 2003

Weekend update...

Well, last Monday seems like it was ages ago. There has been so much going on! Friday after work I met up with everyone at the pool hall for just a short time. My father's b'day was Saturday and we were having dinner with the family for him. So, I made it to the pool hall shortly after five and played for about an hour and a half. Then, after a quick stop to fill up on gas, I was on the road again to my parents' house. Mother cooked a great dinner and my two sisters were there along with my brother-in-law and two nieces and my nephew. It was nice to all be under the same roof. After cake and coffee and conversation with the family I was on the road again. My friend was playing in a softball tournament so I went to pick up my girlfriend (whose husband plays softball as well) and we went out the softball fields to watch them play. The weather wasn't too bad when we arrived, but it shortly turned quite chilly! Luckily I had my scarf and hat with me so I bundled up tightly! These tournaments (which aren't even in regular season) can last all night - we were happy to get out of there at one o'clock in the morning!!! Saturday morning it was the phone that woke me up - my mother. I don't even hope to sleep in on the weekends anymore b/c I know I'll get an early call from her!! This one I won't complain about (too loudly) b/c she was telling me to turn on CNN and that the space shuttle had crashed. The next couple of hours were spent on the phone with various family members and friends (many of which live in East Texas) to make sure they all knew what was going on and that everyone was alright. I went to college in Nacogdoches and lived in East Texas growing up. Many people I knew were calling in reporting what they had found either in their yards or in their pastures. It was a very sad morning. This crew will be missed - they lost their lives doing something they loved to do. The JA Bowl-A-Thon was Saturday morning so around 11:00 my friend and I headed to the bowling alley. We had a lot of fun and it was for a great cause. The bowling alley was packed with fellow co-workers as well as many who didn't work for the company. I really think it was a success. Of the five on the team I had the lowest score!! First game I bowled a 95, second game I bowled a 91, and the third I finally broke 100 with a 131!!! I don't know how much money was raised in total, but to everyone that sponsored me, thank you so much for generosity and support! It was truly appreciated! After bowling I met up with my girlfriend again (my friend had to run to his parents' house) and she and I had lunch and then decided to shop a bit. I have a second pool stick now so I wanted a case that would hold more than one stick. I went to the Billiard Factory, but they had a limited selection of cases and while nice, they were a bit out of the range I wanted to spend. The man working there asked me how much I was looking to spend and when I told him he sent someone into the back to see what they had. While they were gone he picked up one of the more expensive cases that actually held three sticks and handed it to me and quoted the price I said I wanted to spend!!!! YAY! He gave me about a 40% discount right I agreed and also bought a glove! Definitely a good shopping experience! Then we went to the mall for a bit before heading home to get ready for that night. We went to another friend's house for the evening where we ended up playing pool most of the night - are beginning to see a pattern here!?!? It was good, though, b/c I was able to practice with the glove a bit. They take some getting used to at first! Sunday was spent indoors for the most part. Just being bums. We had a good lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and then decided we wanted to play some basketball. I played all through high school and some during college (not for the school, just with friends), but I haven't picked up a ball in over two years! He plays a lot so I thought it would be fun to start playing again. Of course I definitely need some practice since it has been so long. Around five o'clock we arrived at his place and his brother and friends were already there playing!! So, I sat out and just watched instead! The evening was finished off with Love and Basketball and ice cream (well, I ate sherbet!) Whew...that was a lot.

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