Thursday, February 20, 2003
I am so glad that Friday has arrived. This week was another short week for me since Michael and I took off Monday to have a long weekend. It was even shorter for him since he left early on Tuesday and didn't go in at all on Wednesday b/c he was sick. He is better now, but he really had me worried b/c he was running such a high temperature.

Tonight we're going to the BBQ Cook-Off for the rodeo. I have been to the rodeo and the concerts several times before, but I have never been to the BBQ so I am really looking forward to it. An added plus is that we won't have to worry about traffic or weather or parking b/c we won't be driving. Instead we'll be riding comfortably in a limo! The sponsor for the booths we have passes to is the father of a friend of ours. We're meeting him and his wife and then the four of us are going to ride down there together.

Tomorrow during the day I am going to be out towards my parents' house. I am going to keep a neighbor's little boy for a few hours during the day and then we're going to Mardi Gras Galveston with friends. One of these days I'll make it to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but for now I'll settle our own Texas version. It's fun and I am sure a smaller crowd...although it gets pretty tight on the Strand. Last year I didn't even go to the Strand...we just watched the parades on the seawall.

We're going twice this year b/c next Saturday we're taking Michael's little brother, but only after a little reunion! Pamela is coming into town and she and Elaine and I are going to get together for a while. I haven't seen Nico since April. I have seen Pam's pictures, but that isn't the same as seeing him in person. I am sure he has changed so much...all grown up and about to be a big brother, too!!! But there are several babies all around me now... actually there are more pregnant women!! I have six friends who are pregnant right now!!!! Half of them are due between June and August! Must be in the water around here!

It is overcast again today...and much that I can't even see the freeway down below. I really hope this clears up at least a little bit before tonight. I don't think it is supposed to, though, but like I said - at least I don't have to worry about driving in it! I don't mind the bad weather (and actually kind of like to watch it), but I hate to drive in it. I told my boss a long time ago, if the weather is horrible in the mornings you can bet that I will most likely be late, b/c I drive slooooooooowww in bad weather!

Update: Melanie is going to be joining us as well!! Once upon a time we all worked together and now we're scattered so it is going to be great to see everyone!!