I have a blurker...

Wednesday, February 26, 2003
She is here everyday and she never comments. Yeah, I know it's a she b/c it is my mother!! Hi Mom!!

Every time I talk to her it comes out through conversation. I'll be telling her about something going on or something that I did and she'll come back with, "Yeah, I knew that..." Huh? "Oh, you read the blog again. Why don't you comment?" "I don't know who would be reading what I write!" Ahem...I don't know who all is reading what I write and I have my daily goings-on out there for the world to read!


I left early yesterday...doctor's appt. I'm fine, just a check-up. I checked out good! Afterwards I went to my parents' house since my doctor is on their side of town. (No, I won't change, b/c I want this lady to deliver my children...she is amazingly nice and doesn't believe that anyone should have to endure too much pain! YES!) My dad is home now and I haven't seen him in a while so it was a good chance to catch up with him and see how he was doing. He bought a DVD player last week and wasn't able to hook it up so I got it up and running from him and we all watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding - they laughed their butts off!!!!

Tonight Michael's little brother has a ball game. So we'll be at the gym tonight to watch him. Tomorrow is pool, but I think we're going to have a *date* with one another after that! There has been so much going on I am ready for a weekend with nothing planned so that we can just hang out. Saturday we are having dinner with my friends during the day and that night we're going back to Mardi Gras in Galveston with Michael's little brother and other friends. Sunday plans are tentative, but there are plans.