Thursday, February 06, 2003

1/4 tank of gas??? Time to pull over...

or you'll end up like me and find yourself on the freeway without any gas! happened. I'm driving along on 45 when all of a sudden I realize that I'm slowing down regardless of the fact that I am pushing the gas pedal further down towards the floor. After a ten second period of pure panic I noticed that I had enough room and time to maneuver the car to the far right lane and with a little luck (and a silent prayer) down the off-ramp, which I did and coasted right up to the pump a the Chevron station at the end of the ramp! While filling up I was afraid it might be something else as well, b/c normally when a car runs out of gas and is still in gear it will lock - or this is what I thought. My jeep didn't lock up, though, it continued to coast while still in gear. The thought came to me to put it into neutral, but I had momentum and was afraid if I did anything it would stop in the middle of the freeway. So, why did I let my jeep run this low on gas? Well, not to try to remove the big S-T-U-P-I-D sign that is plastered to my forehead, BUT in the past when my low-gas light has come on I have traveled 40+ miles with it lit up - BEFORE YOU START YELLING AT ME - this isn't something I EVER plan to do again! So, when my light came on this time I believed the same to still hold true - wrong!!! So, from now on, as soon as I hit quarter of a tank I am headed to the gas station. Do you know how scary it is to run out of gas on a major freeway!?!?! Well, and I hope you never do!

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