Double Diesel and Cube

Monday, January 06, 2003
Saturday I shopped and then met Elaine to order our dresses for a friend's wedding. Then we stopped into Bennigan's for a bowl of soup and a drink and some conversation. After that I went to a friend's house and watched movies. First we watched The Barber Shop with Ice Cube, then we watched Triple X with Vin Diesel. It was relatively early when I left and I had bought The Fast and the Furious (also starring Diesel) earlier that day, so when I got home I watched that (also b/c I was waiting up on another friend to stop by). After he got there I put in Friday (also starring Ice Cube), b/c he had never seen it. Can you believe there is anyone that still hasn't seen Friday!?!? I would have thought you would have to live a pretty sheltered life not to have seen Friday!!! New subject: I think I have found a new collectible - coffee pots! My caffeine addiction has dramatically increased in the past few months along with my collection of coffee paraphernalia! It started with just a regular coffee pot, from there I moved on to one with a clock and automatic start. Next my mother bought me one that dispenses the coffee directly into a to-go cup so that I could just brew and go! Then last year for my birthday a coworker bought me a French Press to use in the office (and some great coffee to go with it). This year I participated in the online Secret Santa and received an espresso maker that I had listed. Now, I have bought myself a Melitta filter - though I brew mine directly into my coffee cup. It didn't come with a carafe like the one in the link! My next purchase? (Yeah, I do have something in mind already) I am currently looking for a thermos. My brother bought our other brother a great coffee thermos for Christmas and now I am trying to find one for myself. I think I am going to have to give my brother a call and ask him where he found it!!