Thursday, January 23, 2003

The Devil that is WalMart...

Have you ever needed to run in grab something...just one WalMart? Yeah, right...sounds like an oxymoron or something. Last night I went to my mother's house and after dinner asked her to run to Walgreens with me. I needed a very small gift...a congratulations gift for a friend. Just something little - a tiny plant, or a card...well mother suggests going to the new WalMart SuperCenter in her neighborhood. I cave and say alright, I just need one thing, we can run in and run out...and maybe I can grab a new DVD while I'm in there. The moment that thought popped into my head is when I should have run out the door!! But I didn't and $102.00 later I am finally walking out of the SuperCenter. **head-shaking** Yes, I know...I should have know better, but I really did buy things I needed and got a baby shower gift out of the way as well. At least I can say it was a pleasant experience. I spent some time with my mother and since this WalMart is new it was very clean and the aisles were straight and tidy. And I bought some chenille yarn for my mother...she crochets and I wanted a new hat/scarf combo and thought I would get a jump on a baby shower gift as well. So, I am not really complaining about my trip to Wally World, just expressing my lack of will power I guess!

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