Friday, January 03, 2003


Okay, I was just irritated a bit, but wasn't going to let it get to me, but now it is starting to get to me. Thanks to my company's filters my host site has now become a BLOCKED SITE here at work, so on this page I see a bunch of broken graphics and I can't see my other pages at all.... So, I started this post and then went to another browser to find info to link for the DVD I bought yesterday, when I got another message saying, "Sorry for the inconvenience, but explorer has to close now..." Huh!?! I have never seen that message before, what are you guys doing down there in IT today???? Oh, well, like I started to say in the first attempt at this post, I am not going to let it bother me b/c today is Friday and I have the whole weekend to look forward to and I finished all my deadlines a day before they were due! So, I'm in a good mood!!!

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