Thursday, January 02, 2003
We rang in the New Year at the Mesker House this year! It was great to spend this holiday with great friends!! I was home relatively early and then my knight came by to tell me Happy New Year. The following day I went to my parents' house for a traditional New Year's Day dinner with them and my sister and her family. We had the black-eyed pea, cabbage, and ham lunch with the addition of a few other veggies and salads! It was very delicious and I had to bring some of the leftovers back home with me. My mother is a great cook! So, today it is back to work. The garage and offices are full again - well not completely, but definitely a lot more than last week! It was like a ghost town up here, but that was good b/c I had so much work going on. I still have a four o'clock deadline for tomorrow, but the majority of the work is done! Yay!! That's absolutely a great way to start off the New Year...caught up!!!