Friday, January 31, 2003


Mr. Nice


Just got an out-of-the-blue phone call to say hello...*giggle*


Following EJ's example, I would also make a plea to Boobka to do something with his site once again! It was such a joy to be able to read such ramblings that often times would leave one with a puzzled expression and the urge to say, "What the hell???"!!


It's a day late, but my Theme Thursday submission is up!

Thursday, January 30, 2003

What other talents do you have?

Dancing and flexibility. Hair and make-up. Huh? Did she say flexibility? And this is the person representing the Houston area on American Idol - I do have to admit, though, the girl can sing! This may be the first reality show that I watch - mainly b/c I sat through a full episode last night for the first time!

Old Friends/New Friends

Elaine called me yesterday feeling kinda we decided that she needed to get out of the house and come see me!!! She hasn't been to my apartment since I moved in and I have been wanting her to see how things looked now that there were out of their boxes!!! We started out watching last night's episode of American Idol - please, friends - if I ever try to do something that I don't have a talent for in front of the entire nation, please, please, be a good enough friend to stop me! These people honestly don't understand that they don't have good voices and stand up there in disbelief when they are told this by professionals in the industry. OKay, that's as long as I am going to let my rant about American Idol get!!! Afterwards we decided to go to Outback for dinner where I had a wonderful grilled salmon. I haven't been there in a long time and there is a new one just across the freeway from my apartment. They are building a new Cafe Adobe right next door as well - great happy hour spot!!! We stayed until passed closing time talking - it was great to spend time with her. When we finished we headed back to my apartment and my friend met us there. I was excited for Elaine to finally get to meet him.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003


I swear I just saw came in through my window and landed on my desk, my bamboo plant, my ten-key, and my cobalt blue vase in the window. I can't prove it b/c it's gone now, but I swear it was there.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Same Thing, Different Names

1. Kleenex or tissue? Kleenex 2. Soda or pop (or tonic or whatever)?Coke...I'm in Texas, it's all Coke 3. A sandwich on a long roll: sub or hero (or hoagie or grinder, etc)?Sub 4. Glasses or spectacles? Glasses 5. TV or television (or boob-tube, or telly, for our friends across the pond)?TV 6. Movie or film?Movie or flick or show 7. Sofa or couch?Couch 8. Stove or range?Stove 9. Remote control or clicker?Remote 10. Supermarket or grocery store?Grocery Store Tuesday's This or That

Mirror Project

This is my latest contribution to the Mirror Project! I haven't taken many pictures with my Sipix and I really need to start...this is one that I took last week playing around with it in my office. The few that I have taken with it can be found here. Hopefully I will fill this album more later!

Monday, January 27, 2003


My "friend" just called to tell me that he made it home, but then told me to look outside my door and call him back while he took his dogs out for a walk. So, I open the door and find flowers and a card...there are still sweet guys out there....and I think have finally met one of them!

A Great Weekend...

Three day weekends are wonderful! So, here goes my quick weekend update! Friday night we played pool and Spencer and I won a new pool stick and t-shirt (he got the t-shirt!!). After that we went to EJ and Sherry's for wings and a movie. I ended up leaving before the movie though and went to another friend's to watch Barber Shop (friend from the great date). Saturday we got an early start and after he spent the morning playing basketball and I spent it cleaning we met up with my friends Sean and Alice to decide what we were going to do for dinner. We ended up cooking a feast at their house which consisted of beer potatos (one of my favorite recipes), fresh green beans, grilled hot wings, sausage, chicken with peppers and onions, and grasshoppers - jalepenos with cream cheese then wrapped in bacon and grilled. Yeah, not one of the healthiest dinners, but since it was all I ate I figured it was alright!!! Afterwards we went to City Streets (yeah, we did the Richmond Strip) where we ran into a friend at her bachelorette party!! It was awesome to run into her like that! We had a good time and we got our guys to do a couple of things on her bachelorette list!!! I think there are pictures, but not with my camera so I'll have to look into getting them! Sunday I went to my parents' house. My daddy flew in on Saturday from Egypt so I decided to spend Superbowl Sunday with him and my mother. The game was good and it was a pretty low key and relaxing day for all of us. I stayed most of the day and then came home b/c my new friend was coming over to watch a movie. Today I played hooky from work and my friend came back to see me...he took the day off, too. We started with an early lunch and then went to see A Guy Thing, which was awesome. I really like Julia Stiles. The movie was a lot better than I thought it would be...a lot of humor!! We spent the rest of the afternoon just bumming around and when it was time for dinner we decided to get take-out and come back here to watch Ocean's Eleven - he had never seen it and c'mon what woman says no to seeing Brad Pitt and George Clooney!!! But now that the movie and my long weekend are both over it is time to get back to our regularly scheduled lives! So he has gone home and I am getting things ready for work tomorrow. Actually, that's what I plan to do after I get off the computer! But it was a great weekend and I am already looking forward to the upcoming weekend. Saturday is the JA Bowl-A-Thon (so if you're still interested in sponsoring me now is the time)!! My mother is doing the embroidery on our shirts - we have shirts that all have the name tag BRIAN on the front, so we are all Brian! I'll have pictures for sure so check back in for details!!! You can't see me, but I am smiling...a genuine smile b/c I'm happy, which I haven't been in a long time! I hope you had a great weekend as well...

Friday, January 24, 2003

What's in a name...

I found this at Pamela's site...and mine is pretty much accurate as well. What about yours? Your Heart Number is 2 Marriage and other close relationships will be extremely important to you. You have a strong need for peace and harmony in your life and are liable to be very self-sacrificing where the needs of others are concerned. Your Personality Number is 6 Makes you appear to be a rather caring and compassionate individual. Trustworthy and dependable, others may seek you out for guidance or support, and responsibilities probably have a way of finding you. Your Image Number is 8 Makes you very concerned with matters of the outer world. It's important that you appear to be successful in the eyes of others. You like being in the game, and have every intention of winning.


This morning we went to the funeral of our coworker who was also a fire-fighter. I have never been to the funeral of a fire-fighter before and it was truly something to see. Upon entering the church parking lot our jaws dropped at the sheer number of police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, and many other emergency response vehicles. Multiply that number by about five and it might total half the number of emergency response workers that filled the church. The front entrance of the church was marked with two fire engines whose ladders were raised and had the American flag hanging between the two. We arrived not long before the service was to begin so our seats were far in the back of the crowd. I don't think being any closer would have been easy though, the service was very moving. You have never seen such a brotherhood until you have witnessed grown men holding one another up for support over the loss of a fellow brother. Our coworker was paid a high honor...when we entered the church someone said, "The success of your life is shown by the number of people who attend your funeral" - there is no question that Gary wasn't a successful man. The seas of people who showed up to honor him and his family is proof of that. After the service the fireman made a wall of honor in front of the church to pay tribute to Gary. It was one of the most moving events I have witnessed in my life.

Quiz before starting the weekend...

My personality is rated 33.
What is yours?

What does that mean? Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out. link thanks to Elaine

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Gimme a Break!

Actress Nell Carter Dead At 54

The Devil that is WalMart...

Have you ever needed to run in grab something...just one WalMart? Yeah, right...sounds like an oxymoron or something. Last night I went to my mother's house and after dinner asked her to run to Walgreens with me. I needed a very small gift...a congratulations gift for a friend. Just something little - a tiny plant, or a card...well mother suggests going to the new WalMart SuperCenter in her neighborhood. I cave and say alright, I just need one thing, we can run in and run out...and maybe I can grab a new DVD while I'm in there. The moment that thought popped into my head is when I should have run out the door!! But I didn't and $102.00 later I am finally walking out of the SuperCenter. **head-shaking** Yes, I know...I should have know better, but I really did buy things I needed and got a baby shower gift out of the way as well. At least I can say it was a pleasant experience. I spent some time with my mother and since this WalMart is new it was very clean and the aisles were straight and tidy. And I bought some chenille yarn for my mother...she crochets and I wanted a new hat/scarf combo and thought I would get a jump on a baby shower gift as well. So, I am not really complaining about my trip to Wally World, just expressing my lack of will power I guess!

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Just because...

How funny...

On Sunday I was talking to my grandmother and she told me a quote that she had just heard on was also my quote of the day for today: "I'd rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate." - George Burns, Entertainer In other news... I had the best time last night...okay, I had the best date last night. We didn't do anything extraordinary. I had dinner cooked for me and then we just hung out and watched last night's game. (In the end we just changed the channel to something else, it wasn't even worth watching anymore.) But I really didn't start this post to talk about the game anyway. It wasn't great b/c of what we did or didn't do...he is just an exceptional person...very sweet (and very shy). I haven't met anyone like this in a long time and I really think he is someone I want to get to know more. I wanted to post about this last night when I came home, but computer problems prohibited me. Probably a good thing, b/c then I might have gone on and on about it. Now that I'm at work (and busy) I'll just make it a short post and end it here!

Tuesday, January 21, 2003


1. Super Bowl or World Series? Both 2. Winter or summer? can always find ways to keep warm, but you can only take off so much!! 3. Look up numbers in the phone book, or call directory assistance?Directory Assistance - do you take a phone book everywhere you go?? 4. Mashed potatoes or French fries? Depends on what you're eating them with, but usually mashed! 5. Hand-code your website, or use an editor (such as Front Page)?Hand code...I haven't found Dreamweaver to be friendly 6. Freeway or winding country road?Freeway, I grew up on those country roads, but after living in Houston I can't see on those dark roads anymore! 7. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars 8. Disney or Warner Brothers cartoons? Warner Bros - actually Hanna Barbera is my favorite 9. When it feels chilly in the house: crank up the heat or put on a sweater? Put on a sweater 10. CBS or PBS?I flip a lot Tuesday's This or That

Monday, January 20, 2003

Very sad news...

This morning when I came into work I was told that one of our co-workers passed away yesterday morning. You hear stories about these kinds of things happening in the news all the time, but it is never so real as when it happens to someone you know. If you pray, please keep this family in your prayers as I am sure they need it now.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Do I really have to go to work tomorrow???

Late nights and early mornings makes for a sleepy Hanna... I went to my mother's house this morning and have been there most of the day. We went to my sister's and watched Little Shop of Horrors, we more precisely they watched Little Shop of Horrors and I fell asleep on the couch. So, now that I have made it back home I am watching the Golden Globe Awards... Saturday update - there are just a few pictures - during the day it was Harry Potter and at night it was a cook off at the fairgrounds with old and new friends (there are quite a few new friends lately), which was cold but a lot of fun!

Saturday, January 18, 2003

I'm Blue

Take this Quiz
(quiz thanks to Nina)

It's too early...

to be up on a Saturday. No, I didn't plan on being up this early, but my loving brother is in town and decided to give his little sister a call! To be honest, though, I had been awake, but was trying to go back to sleep b/c I didn't get into bed until one o'clock this morning. After pool at Barney's last night we went to SROs b/c I had requested dinner be somewhere with a television so that I could watch the Rockets/Lakers game. And all I can say is Yao Ming, Yao Ming, Yao Ming, Yao Ming - okay, just reading that won't put the tune into your head, but I bet this complete version will leave you at least humming along the rest of the day!! Now a music video isn't supposed to make you sad. I turned on VH1 this morning while I was still waking up and already I have seen two videos out of the last three that were for performers who have passed away. One of the video for Girl Talk by TLC; this video/album was a tribute to Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes who passed away this past year in a car wreck. The second video was this video by Aaliyah, but before it began a clip was added of DMX with a whole crew of people to tell her how much they missed her, and where then seen throughout the was very sad. Now, this is better...the trailer for National Security!! Martin Lawrence will always make you laugh!! So, the agenda for today? Going out to Willowbrookk to watch Harry Potter (and just an FYI Rowling finally set a date) with some girlfriends and then will be going to a BBQ/Cook off thing. Don't really know the venue - a new interest invited us out. I think they were out there last night for quite a while, or at least passed one o'clock in the morning b/c when I talked to him before going to bed they were still there. Sounded like they were having a good time so I am anxious to go out there tonight. Pictures and updates to follow!

Thursday, January 16, 2003


The best part of checking my referrals is that it causes me to go back and read my archives and then I say, "Oh yeah...I remember that..." The latest search that lead someone to my site was this one. The crickets took me back to December 2001. I am sure this night holds a special place in history for our very own Edge as he really bared himself to us that night!!


My Theme Thursday for this week is posted at MyPhotoBlog...enjoy!


"We're always getting ready to live but we never truly live." - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Writer and Philosopher I really like this quote and can honestly say that sometimes I feel like this is the precise feeling I have about my life...

Wednesday, January 15, 2003


What kind of dream are you?

brought to you by Quizilla (link thanks to Pam)


"An education isn't how much you've committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't know." - William Feather, Author and Publisher

Tuesday, January 14, 2003


Okay, I am going to post about the Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon...again!!! I know I still have a couple more weeks, but I would really like to achieve my goal of $100 in pledges!! So, if you are interested, please let me know!


1. Window shades or blinds? Blinds 2. Wall or desk calendar? Both...I have a thing for calendars 3. Paint or wallpaper? Paint 4. Electric or gas stove? I have electric, but I prefer gas 5. Carpeting or bare floors? I have carpet, but bare is so much cleaner 6. One TV, or more than one? One 7. Leather or fabric sofa? Fabric...Chenille to be precise! 8. Eat meals in kitchen or dining room? Dining room 9. Fabric or vinyl shower curtain? Vinyl 10. Your kitchen: well-equipped or bare bones?Well equipped Tuesday's This or That

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Don't you love that feeling...

When you lose control of your car and end up running into the car in front of you which then in turn hits the car next to it. Then you have to get out, examine the extent of the damage, confront the people whose property you have damaged, and exchange insurance information...You know the next month or so is going to be traumatic, b/c even though it is just a tiny ding you know they are going to want the entire bumper replaced and this is just going to cause your insurance to go up. And there is the hassle of estimates and waiting and estimates and waiting...and THEN just when that knot of anticipation in your stomach gets to that point of almost being unbearable, the alarm clock goes off and the relief of all this just being a dream consumes you...don't you just love that feeling?

Saturday, January 11, 2003


I can't sleep. Yeah, I know it's 5:30 in the evening, but I started early today and wanted to take a nap before I went out tonight. I am never able to nap in the afternoons. Never have been able to for some reason. *yawn* I got up around eight o'clock this morning. Hey, it's early for a Saturday. My friend had to go to Huntsville to buy books for this semester. I think it starts Monday. I hadn't been to the campus at Sam Houston in a long time. Afterwards we came back and shopped for a while then we went to pick up my dress for a friend's wedding and then came back to my house to veg our for a while to talk and watch tv. Tonight we're going out to celebrate a friend's birthday and I wanted to take a nap after Alice left and before it was time to go out...but it doesn't look like it is going to happen...especially now that I have started playing on the computer!!! Holden just confessed his love to Alyssa (Chasing Amy is on) got yelled at b/c she is a lesbian and then they started making out in the rainl...just thought I would keep you up to date about what is going on! I like all of Kevin Smith's movies. Ugh...I really wish I could fall asleep. Last night I took that muscle relaxer and after it kicked in it wasn't long until I was sound asleep. Around 7:15 I this morning I woke up just long enough to see what time it was and when I fell asleep again it was just long enough to endure a pretty bad nightmare. Luckily the phone rang just in time to save me from a terrifying fate. Upon walking into the living room this morning I found Dumbo (pink stuffed animal my father bought for me when I was one - yeah, it stays in the bed with me) sitting on my table. Apparently at some point during the night I must have walked into the living room with it in hand and left it behind upon returning to blissful sleep! (I just know I am going to regret telling that story!) Well, my time to nap has now passed and it is time to get up, find dinner, and then get into the shower...have a good evening.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Another Addiction

I found this via Nina's Blog!! Something else to keep me from doing what I need to be!!

Hello...anybody out there?!?!

My blogroll and my comments have been rather empty and lonely lately...where is everyone? There have been only about three or four blogs on my blogroll that have been updating on a regular basis and no one stopping in (and I know you're there...I've seen you) is leaving any comments!! I think this is the general consensus on most of the blogs I have been reading as well...that everyone is being lazy! Me, too for that matter. I took a few days off in the past week, but I'm back now. A lot of it b/c my IT department here at work kept blocking the site that hosts everything for me, but today I can see everything fine. They can't seem to make up their minds down there. I had to spend this morning in a dentist's chair unfortunately. Well, he is a dentist, but he specializes in TMJ. I have been grinding my teeth for years and when I was in college my dentist made a mouth guard for me, but it didn't solve the problem. Now, it has become the point that I am wearing the enamel off my teeth. My dentist referred me to this specialist and this morning was my first visit. I have to go back in two weeks to get my new guard that is supposed to work in a different manner than the first to actually stop the grinding all together. We'll see...he also says it will help a lot with my headaches. Maybe not the migraines, but the chronic headaches that I get and will let me sleep better at night. The process is going to be much like getting braces except I only wear it at night (for now) and I'll probably have to wear this thing for the rest of my life. Another thing he did today was give me two prescriptions. One for an anti-inflammatory and the other for muscle relaxers - hopefully to help me sleep easier at night - but just while the process is starting. Okay, these kind of scare me a bit. I have never taken muscle relaxers before, but anytime I have had to take narcotics or other pain medications for surgery or anything they have really affected me, i.e. made me sick and unable to function. I don't like that. That is why I don't understand why people could ever abuse prescription medication. Who would ever want to feel that way? I am going to take these for the first time this weekend...not on a weekday b/c I don't know how I am going to be the next morning. I don't want to take it and then not be able to get up for work!! Although, hmmm, that might be a good excuse...kidding, I'm just kidding!! Maybe they won't linger too long the next day. If this thing helps with my headaches, though, it will definitely be worth it. Those of you who know me know how badly my headaches affect me. They put me out of commission times for more than one day. People who don't have migraines don't understand how they can affect you so badly. I have learned to cope - meaning when they get to a certain point all I can do is go to bed. Other people choose to go to the emergency room and get a shot. I try to avoid the hospital at all costs. Medications just don't do well in my system...

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Commercial Debut

Yao Ming made his commercial debut with this commercial for Apple with Verne Troyer...

Sunshine Sunny Skylace

Since Robert made me a Faery I thought I should have a Faery name as The female human once known as Hanna Mechelle Girgis has suddenly become Sunshine Sunny Skylace! Although this Faery sounds pretty awesome as well: Aeval - A Faery Queen of southwestern Munster. In her district a debate was launched on whether the men were satisfying the woman's sexual needs. In a midnight court, Aeval heard both sides and then decreed the men wrong and sentenced them to overcome their prudishness and accede to the woman's needs. (Kisma) What's your Faery name???

Theme Thursday

FREE I have posted this week's pictures at MyPhotoBLog!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Make up your mind...

Now, my personal sites aren't blocked here at work anymore!!! Update: They are totally blocked again!!!!

Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon

Okay...time to start the New Year off in a giving spirit!!! On Saturday, February 1st I will be BOWLING UNDER THE BIG TOP!! Huh??? What's that you ask! I am so glad you asked...b/c this event is for a very special cause! I will be bowling on a five man team (even against some of my other co-workers) to raise money to benefit Junior Achievement and WB39 Cares for Kids. And that would be?? The money will benefit underprivileged children who participate in programs supported by grants awarded by WB39 Care for Kids, a fund of the McCormick Tribune Foundation. Pledges also help pay for the opportunity to bring Junior Achievement programs into the classroom. Junior Achievement Cares for Kids If you are interested in helping me to reach my personal goal of $100, please let me know as soon as possible! (PayPal accepted to Thanks for all your support in advance!


1. "Time" or "Newsweek"? Time 2. "Wall Street Journal" or "National Enquirer"? National Enquirer 3. "Sports Illustrated" or "Cook's Illustrated"? Sports Illustrated 4. "Martha Stewart Living" or "MAD Magazine"? Martha Stewart 5. "Cosmopolitan" or "Maxim"? Both 6. "People" or "Entertainment Weekly"? People...this is my favorite magazine 7. "National Geographic" or "Readers Digest"? Both 8. "Good Housekeeping" or "Popular Mechanics"? Good Housekeeping 9. "PC World" or "MacWorld"? PC World 10. "Southern Living" or "Yankee" (magazine about New England living)? Tuesday's This or That

Monday, January 06, 2003

Did'ya know? I didn't...

That all the after tax profits from Newman's Own (Paul Newman's line of products) went to charity...hmmm, I might change my favorite brand of dressing, salsa, lemonade, and popcorn - just to start anyway!


I made a new doll today and adopted another that was already created!! I love em!!!
thanks for the link Kathy

Happy Birthday...

Double Diesel and Cube

Saturday I shopped and then met Elaine to order our dresses for a friend's wedding. Then we stopped into Bennigan's for a bowl of soup and a drink and some conversation. After that I went to a friend's house and watched movies. First we watched The Barber Shop with Ice Cube, then we watched Triple X with Vin Diesel. It was relatively early when I left and I had bought The Fast and the Furious (also starring Diesel) earlier that day, so when I got home I watched that (also b/c I was waiting up on another friend to stop by). After he got there I put in Friday (also starring Ice Cube), b/c he had never seen it. Can you believe there is anyone that still hasn't seen Friday!?!? I would have thought you would have to live a pretty sheltered life not to have seen Friday!!! New subject: I think I have found a new collectible - coffee pots! My caffeine addiction has dramatically increased in the past few months along with my collection of coffee paraphernalia! It started with just a regular coffee pot, from there I moved on to one with a clock and automatic start. Next my mother bought me one that dispenses the coffee directly into a to-go cup so that I could just brew and go! Then last year for my birthday a coworker bought me a French Press to use in the office (and some great coffee to go with it). This year I participated in the online Secret Santa and received an espresso maker that I had listed. Now, I have bought myself a Melitta filter - though I brew mine directly into my coffee cup. It didn't come with a carafe like the one in the link! My next purchase? (Yeah, I do have something in mind already) I am currently looking for a thermos. My brother bought our other brother a great coffee thermos for Christmas and now I am trying to find one for myself. I think I am going to have to give my brother a call and ask him where he found it!!

Saturday, January 04, 2003

Mary Lou v. Heathers

One is a 1987 teen horror flick, the other is a 1989 teen dark comedy flick...both pretty ridiculous actually! Mary Lou is a sequal to a 1980 horror with Jamie Lee Curtis. They are both on this morning...why am I watching them? B/c I was having the best sleep of this year and then I was awakened by the phone. Ugh...I have never been as anxious to go to bed and go to sleep as I was last night. We went to the movies last night after dinner and pool. During the movie all I could think about was getting home and climbing under my comforter and sleeping for hours and hours...which I did, like I said, until the phone rang. Word of caution, don't go see About Schmidt. If you do, all I can say is I told you so...dinner was great, though.

Friday, January 03, 2003


Okay, I was just irritated a bit, but wasn't going to let it get to me, but now it is starting to get to me. Thanks to my company's filters my host site has now become a BLOCKED SITE here at work, so on this page I see a bunch of broken graphics and I can't see my other pages at all.... So, I started this post and then went to another browser to find info to link for the DVD I bought yesterday, when I got another message saying, "Sorry for the inconvenience, but explorer has to close now..." Huh!?! I have never seen that message before, what are you guys doing down there in IT today???? Oh, well, like I started to say in the first attempt at this post, I am not going to let it bother me b/c today is Friday and I have the whole weekend to look forward to and I finished all my deadlines a day before they were due! So, I'm in a good mood!!!

Thursday, January 02, 2003


We rang in the New Year at the Mesker House this year! It was great to spend this holiday with great friends!! I was home relatively early and then my knight came by to tell me Happy New Year. The following day I went to my parents' house for a traditional New Year's Day dinner with them and my sister and her family. We had the black-eyed pea, cabbage, and ham lunch with the addition of a few other veggies and salads! It was very delicious and I had to bring some of the leftovers back home with me. My mother is a great cook! So, today it is back to work. The garage and offices are full again - well not completely, but definitely a lot more than last week! It was like a ghost town up here, but that was good b/c I had so much work going on. I still have a four o'clock deadline for tomorrow, but the majority of the work is done! Yay!! That's absolutely a great way to start off the New Year...caught up!!!